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You Deserve to be Happy...

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1 year ago

You don't need to be very sad and disappointed if your heart is hurting right now. It is common to have wounds. Everyone must have felt hurt. The wound can even be a new way for you to find happiness. The existence of wounds can be a way for you to become a stronger, more impressive and charming person. Still don't believe that hurt is the way to happiness?

The more you feel hurt, consciously or not, the smarter and more prepared you will be for you to live every life that exists. Luka even indirectly teaches people to be more careful in the future. It's useless to regret that life has already been hurt. You deserve to be happy. You have the right to enjoy the rest of your life wisely, with more patience and grace.

Questioning wounds, there must be a cause

There is no wound in the heart that occurs without cause. There must be a reason why injuries can occur. When we know what causes the wound in our heart, it is likely that we will understand more about the wound and control it wisely. Because wounds can come from yourself or other people. don't blame others if your heart is hurt. Blaming other people will only make your heart more disappointed, hurt more, and feel worse. Just blame yourself and slowly try to forgive him. It's easier to forgive yourself than to forgive others and will make you stronger.

It's okay to get hurt, just don't get too involved in it

Don't get too caught up in the open wound of the heart. Prolonged wounds, feelings of disappointment and sadness will only make you more frustrated, hurt more and more broken apart. Busy yourself with various positive activities that can make you find happiness again.

Use your days that you think are full of wounds to get closer to the creator. Getting closer to the owner of the heart and love is the easiest and best way to get rid of all the wounds in the heart. Drawing close to Him will not only make you happier and heal from wounds but will also make you more receptive to everything with soothing loving feelings.

What We Feel, Believe Everything Has Been Planned By God

Believe that everything we feel has been planned by God. And God plan is definitely more beautiful than all the plans we have made. God knows best what is best for us. God knows best what can make us happy. We are not given something we want but something we need.

As long as we believe there is a determinant and planner of everything, there is no reason for us to continue to feel hurt. We should be happy and move forward better, better prepared and stronger. Being ready to walk with a feeling of happiness and calm guarantees us to find something more beautiful and happy ahead.

From wounds, we can learn many things and be careful not to get hurt again later. If you are someone who is hurt right now, make sure your heart is still happy. Don't forget to keep smiling to the people closest to you and around you. Your smile is the main key to achieving a more perfect happiness.

Feeling your test is heavy, feeling your hurt cut it, believe it is God's way of making you closer to Him. That's His way to enable you to continue to grow and develop into a stronger person.

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Written by   12
1 year ago
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