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Twilight Notes

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1 year ago

Twilight Devotional

A question mark to which I could not find the answer

I don't know what and why I can't make it out

Only trust and positivity I have now

Although honestly I feel sad but I don't want to guess

About something I couldn't guess

Moreover, the desire to guess

Because I'm not a person who has to know everything

At the end of the twilight rolling down the clouds

I tried to trace and spell it

But ... I can't even spell it

my tears shed and held back because of it

Coffee is readily available

I never drank to enjoy it

Until the end of time for dusk

Still not spelled out by the blind eyes

About me who may be useless

Who can only be as loyal humans

When the night gates began to pick him up

Then, afterwards it was also ignored

And only the reflection of the twilight that I can interpret clearly

orange song at the end of the horizon

Beautifully engraved in the dim light

Lavender sets the colors

In the straight line of the evening sun

A gust of wind

Caress ripple shoots

Chase towards the beach

Smashing on the edge of the reef

Shatter cracked sand

Gulls flutter their wings

Fly around the mast

Screeches in the wind

Then leave a trail

Dim the fishermen's ark lantern

Come closer to the dark

Leaving the coast

Hope grace will come

Who can prohibit ..

I just feel ..

Not robbing beauty ..

All to be enjoyed ..

Let go of the meaning ...

Submerge the anxiety if it hits ..

What is visible ..

What Feels ..

Only grace means ..

*** no meaning just note for my life***

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