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The Power of a Writing

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2 months ago

Tonight I'm trying to write again even though I know I'm not a good writer but honestly I really want to be a writer who makes people feel entertained or get something when reading my writing.

Many words are also things that are in my mind that I want to spill but again I don't know how to start and how to find words that I can write and people who might read can understand the purpose of my writing.

From day to day, from time to time, Daya tries to take notes and write them down ... but when I read it again I am confused about what I wrote...

It turns out that writing is more difficult than living life itself, yes... it's not easy to spill something in writing even though it's about things that we go through alone... such as the difficulty of describing ourselves, what we want and what we are looking for. .. even though we have found our goal and maybe we know how to reach our goal .. but to spill it in a writing is not an easy thing.

Why ? . ... because words can be like weapons that make someone who reads it a formidable fighter or vice versa. Making someone better or worse... , Even inappropriate words can be a killing tool as well as a trigger for war ... can destroy ... Wowww ... now I found the answer while writing this ..why it's so hard for me to simply write and spill stories ... 'because the power of words is powerful.

But behind all that words also have the power to make the weak become strong, the sad become happy, the poor become rich, the silent speak, and the fearful become brave.

Negative and positive....

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Written by   12
2 months ago
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