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School of Life

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1 year ago

Learning does not always have to be by sitting in class, listening to teachers or lecturers, or the theories in our textbooks. Sometimes we take a lot of direct lessons from our real life which will obviously be very different from what is taught formally in school.

I call it the school of life, where in fact as long as we live that's where we continue to learn. In every opportunity, in every activity, life always teaches us many things that sometimes we don't pay attention to and we don't realize, even though it's precisely from this life that we can get a lot of wisdom.

some things that in my opinion can be important lessons that we can take from the school of life, hopefully useful and can provide inspiration:

  • Never even think someone's dreams and dreams are impossible to achieve, because instead we will look stupid when they prove that what we say to them is wrong (they achieved their dreams)

  • It doesn't matter if you are currently experiencing failure or are slow in the process of doing so. achieve your dreams, at least you are several steps ahead of those who took no action at all.

  • Complaining and blaming other people will never solve any problem. Focus on real solutions and keep improving.

  • Between being busy and being productive are two opposites. If you have been busy all this time and perhaps too busy, try to check whether the busyness is productive for you.

  • Until whenever there will be a big gap between doing (doing) and knowledge (knowledge). Doing something without knowledge or having a lot of knowledge without applying it are two things that both hinder your progress.

  • In this life there is no term 'risk free'. Neither doing something nor doing anything at all have risks that will impact our lives. Our health is our life.

  • Take care of your health, because with that health we can use our time productively. Eat and drink nutritionally and exercise regularly for maximum health. If you want to be loved, then love others.

  • If you want to have a friend who is fun, then be someone who pleases others, and if you want a smooth provision, then multiply the alms. Life is just that simple.

  • Attractive appearance will please the eye, the good person will please the heart.

  • There are only 3 phases of life time, B-C-D. B is Born, and D is Die. Among them is Choice (choice). Don't waste this C by choosing to do futile things before that time runs out. Be selective in choosing friends. Like it or not, but someone will follow who his close friend is.

  • Listen more than talk. For this reason, one mouth and two ears were created.

  • If we want something that we do not have, then we must do things we have never done before.

  • The benchmarks of the rich and the poor are very thin, limited only by a thread called 'gratitude '

  • Life is constantly changing, therefore we also have to keep changing for the better.

  • What never changes is change itself.

  • The funniest job in the world is paid handsomely for doing something we love.

  • Success is no longer determined by how much someone has knowledge, but how much creativity and innovation they have to solve existing problems.

These are learning points that we can take from the school of life. A true 'real' school and more than just theory. Hopefully it can be useful and inspire everyone.

Note: "Blessed is the man who can be his master, be a guide for his passions, and be a captain for the ark of his life."

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Written by   12
1 year ago
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