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Me and the Little Girl

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3 months ago

The air today is very hot in my city, it makes the skin feel burned and the sun feels over the head. The leaves do not move, a sign that there is no wind blowing. Still walking along the sidewalk every now and then I saw motorcyclists riding their motorbikes very fast, maybe they wanted to hurry to their destination because it was hot in the day.

While walking I saw a small child walking barefoot, I tried to chase him but the child was walking very fast like running, a question crossed my mind "Son where are my shoes going where are you... but I haven't had time to chase him He has disappeared into an alley. Yes, I lost his foot and still ask in my mind where was the little boy I couldn't imagine his little feet walking on the scorching hot street, where were his parents? Why let such a small child walk alone...?

Oopsss I have arrived at my destination 'because of the hot day and the tongue that continues to undermine the drink I like regardless of the heat I walk against the heat just to fulfill the will of my tongue ... stupid but my heart is happy. I bought 2 cups of my favorite iced coffee, my mind is still thinking about the little boy, my heart told me to 'buy 2 glasses the next time you meet the child, give him one glass'. that girl..?? After I finished buying it again, I walked on the same sidewalk on my way home ... not long ago, huh.... that little girl was still barefoot (no shoes) but this time I saw she was carrying a sack on her shoulder (I know what the sack is for) this time I don't want to lose that child again . I calling her and she just looking at me than with the brave eyes she asking me ... ' mam u calling me what's wrong?.. woww suprised by brave lilte girl i meet ...

Not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable I just gave her the drink I bought and without suspecting and asking questions the little girl accepted it and said thank you mam, how do you know I'm very thirsty ..? And I myself was only able to smile at a loss for words to answer until the little girl said .. sorry Mom , i has to go back to work and I can only nod with many questions in my head but I can't say .. my tears really can't be stopped seeing how the girl The little girl passed and was amazed to see the glow in her eyes that was so brave without any trace of sadness, but he walked confidently even though he was barefoot. I saw that gratitude and sincerity in her eyes in going through a very hard life that was clearly visible in my eyes. While walking slowly towards the house I feel ashamed because sometimes I complain about life being so difficult for me but today I learned from a little girl how to be grateful and accept what we have with grace.

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Written by   12
3 months ago
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