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Hand washing Clothes is Fun

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4 months ago

Helloo Mates how are you to day ? I hope that all of us are always given health and made easy in all our affairs and always in the protection of God Almighty. Today I want to share about washing clothes manually, which is easier with satisfying results.

Manual washing ? Sounds very tiring and boring and also very inefficient in this day and age, when everything can be done by machines and with a faster time.

But as far as I know, even so, there are still some clothes that don't allow them to be washed with a machine, times may change, but the essence is that God's hand is the most perfect one... (in my view 😊)

Let's go we Star the Tips so that washing clothes manually becomes fun.....

Before starting to wash, of course, we must prepare washing equipment first

  • Water

  • Bucket, tub or basin

  • Bleach or stain remover

  • Laundry detergent and dishwashing detergent containing lemon.

  • Clothesline or clothes hanger

And don't forget before we wash any clothes for a first step to check the recommended care label that is usually attached to the clothes.

With manual washing you can wash your clothes more safely even though it says clothes should be dry cleaned, as long as the clothes are made from natural fibers, such as silk, wool, or linen.But if you are not sure about your expensive clothes, my advice is best left to a professional.

*Separate colored clothes from white and faded ones, so that white clothes don't get stained with colored clothes

*Soak dirty clothes in cold water with laundry detergent and a small amount of dishwashing detergent that contains lemon because washing detergents containing lemon are believed to be able to leach clothes that are exposed to oil and remove unpleasant odors that stick to our dirty clothes and make clothes fibers not easily damaged.

*Let soak for 15 - 25 minutes for the detergent to work and release dirt on dirty clothes that we soak

Start pronouncing clothes by hand or we can do it by stepping on clothes in the tub if you use a large tub. And if there are stubborn stains attached you can use a soft brush to clean it.

*After you have scrubbed and brushed your clothes, rinse the clothes with clean cold water and repeat again until the soap suds on the clothes are no longer and the laundry water remains clear which is a sign that your clothes stains and dirt on your clothes have disappeared.

*The next step if you want your clothes to be softer and fragrant, you can soak your clothes in deodorizer before drying them for a certain time according to the rules for deodorizing clothes, of course.

*Drain the water on the clothes that we have washed and give it a deodorizer until the water is no longer dripping too much.

*The last step after the water in the shoulder wash is drained.... You just have to dry it in the sun, don't forget to turn the clothes over when drying and don't in the sun which is too hot because the sun that is too hot can also damage the clothes.

To dry it, spread the clothes evenly or use a hanger to hang.

You have finished washing your clothes even though there is no washing machine at home now .... cleaner and also not inferior to dry cleaning .... ... save electricity as well as water use and exercise without having to go to the gym ... right? manual washing more benefits? Of course, for those who have more free time or when we are off working at home and don't have to rush.

Hopefully useful for those who want to try it

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Written by   12
4 months ago
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