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Funny Stories

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2 months ago

Hello Readcash readers ...

After reading some of my friends' posts here, I think tonight I want to share some funny stories so that we can both refresh our minds so we can relax a little and recharge our moods.

Got a police ticket

One day there was a motor vehicle operation carried out by the police.

Police: Good afternoon, can you show me your driver's license?

Girl: Oops lost sir

Police: Huh, where did it go?

Girl: "I don't know, sir. Now I'm just wandering around, there's no news. Maybe I'm bored. Sob sob"

Photos on Wallet

There is a husband who in his wallet is a photo of his wife. When his friends saw him, he was praised as a very good husband.

Then, one of his friends asked what his function was to carry a photo of his wife. He replied: "if I have a problem at work, I always look at the photo, and the problem at hand just disappears".

"Wow how happy you are to have a wife like that, how can that be?" asked his friends.

The husband replied back: "Yes, if I look at my wife's photo, all the problems in the office, become nothing compared to the problems with her!"

Smart Kids

Agung : Ma, at school, Agung was able to answer the teacher's questions.

Mom: Oh yeah? You're great. That's just mama's boy. What did the teacher ask?

Agung : Mrs. Guru asked who was farting and Agung answered, I am Mrs. Guruuu…

Mom: eeehmmmmmm....??

Wrong Question

A police officer is asking the defendant, a wife who abused her husband.

Police : What did your husband say this morning

Wife : He said, 'what time is it Susan?

Police : Then why did you get angry and beat your husband because of that question.

Wife : Because my name is Wulan

Let's laugh before the laugh is taxed..😂😍😍😍😍

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Written by   12
2 months ago
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