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Beware Of Prejudice

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Prejudice is a learned behavior. You were not born full of prejudice, but you were taught to be prejudiced. " - Charles R. Swindoll

Have you ever thought or assumed negative things about a group and its members? When in school, could you ever assume that every class winner is an arrogant person?

When you visit an area, have you ever assumed that the people there are rude when they talk? Then, maybe you think that an elderly person will not be able to do something?

This is a form of prejudice. You can find prejudice in society even in yourself when you look at certain groups. You may even have been a victim of that prejudice. Hm, want to know more about prejudice?

What is Prejudice?

Prejudice is a negative attitude towards members of a certain group, based solely on their membership in that group.

In other words, someone who has prejudice against a certain social group will evaluate each individual in that group in the same way because they are a member of that group.

Prejudice can be aimed at age, place of origin, occupation, race, gender or ethnic background. Some cases such as massacres in Nazi camps, ethnic cleansing in Europe or Africa, or the tragic attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are all caused by prejudice.

Where is the source of the prejudice?

The source of prejudice comes from various things, even from the people around us. Prejudice can come from life experiences from childhood, learned through parents, friends, teachers, and others about a group.

This makes individuals adopt a negative view of a group.

Prejudice is also rooted in competition between social groups for something or an opportunity. Prejudice can develop from struggles to find jobs, adequate housing, good schools and other desirable outcomes.

For example in work, we often find gender prejudice, where women are still considered weak and unable to do certain jobs.

What is the attitude of someone who is prejudiced?

People who are prejudiced against certain groups tend to process information about a group differently. Often times, prejudiced individuals will be quicker to notice and remember negative information that is consistent with their views than information that is inconsistent with their views.

As a result of this, prejudice becomes a closed cognitive loop and tends to get stronger over time.

Prejudiced people involve negative feelings in the emotions of the person who is prejudiced.

These negative feelings will exist when members of the group appear in front of them or just think about group members they don't like.

According to Allport, a psychologist, prejudice can be manifested in 5 stages, namely: through words that show dislike, avoidance, discrimination, to physical attacks and annihilation.

Why does prejudice occur?

First, individually, they have prejudice because by doing so they enhance their own self-image. For example, when a prejudiced individual looks down on a group they perceive as negative, this makes them believe in their own self-worth, to feel superior in various ways.

In other words, in some people, prejudice can play an important role in protecting or enhancing self-concept.

Second, individuals do this because it saves cognitive effort. When we have the belief that all members of a particular social group have the same characteristics, we do not need to carry out a long and systematic thought process.

The information above can be a basis for you to be more careful in giving your views on a group. When the person closest to you gives a negative label about a group, you should not immediately share the view.

To find a truth about a group, you can ask other people or even ask the members in the group directly. Of course, you will be processing a variety of positive and negative information, this is where the formation of thought patterns occurs.

By knowing the positive and negative sides, you will be broader and more mature in taking a stand. Let's live without prejudice!

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Let others know the importance of mental health!

** "O people who believe! Stay away from a lot of prejudice, actually some prejudice is a sin. And don't gossip with each other. Is there anyone among you who likes to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Then of course you feel disgusted by him. and fear Allah. Verily Allah is the Most Recipient of Repentance, Most Merciful. " (Surah Al-Hujurat: 12)

"Know the truth, then you will know the people who are true. True is not measured by the people, but humans are measured by the truth".

With love :)

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Written by   12
1 year ago
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