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Best Asset Crypto 2020

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Bitcoin (BTC)

We all know Bitcoin (BTC) now. Bitcoin itself is the main and first critical asset in the world. As long as Bitcoin continues to dominate the crypto asset market, investors will always benefit from high levels of liquidity even during periods of market uncertainty. Over the years, Bitcoin has shown steady but consistent growth.

With its third Halving taking place in the middle of May 2020, the community hopes Bitcoin is approaching a new historical peak soon. Bitcoin still dominates altcoins. When Bitcoin goes down, most other altcoins will go down too.

Ethereum (ETH)

Bitcoin may be the most popular cryptocurrency, but no one can deny Ethereum (ETH) being the most influential token. The reason is simple: the Ethereum blockchain allows thousands of projects to develop on it. Standing at just over $ 200, Ethereum remains a very accessible investment for those starting out in the cryptocurrency space.

The strength of this currency is closely related to the strength of its network. The more decentralized applications and ecosystems that rely on the Ethereum network, the stronger ETH tokens will be. Much like Bitcoin, Ethereum fell considerably in 2018. However, 2020 will change for the 2nd ranked coin according to CoinMarketCap.

Ripple (XRP)

According to the Ripple XRP price prediction released by NewsBtc, the coin's price chart shows a breakthrough of the downward trend that has been trapping Ripple since 2018. Ripple (XRP) is one of the most promising investments because there is no doubt that Ripple works closely with financial companies. major in the world such as Mastercard, Western Union, MoneyGram and BMO. Solid technology and networks are rapidly opening up new opportunities in the fields of international trade, banking and payment networks.

In 2020 in February, Ripple has experienced a surge and posted strong profits and the list of companies using Ripple's services continues to grow. Experts believe 2020 will result in higher XRP adoption and hence its price will increase significantly.

Stellar Lumen (XLM)

Like XRP, XLM is a coin that focuses on cross-border payments. The difference is XLM focuses on individuals and XRP focuses on large companies or financial companies. With a price calculated in cents (cents), it is also one of the most affordable cryptocurrencies to invest in. Cellar is an open-source, decentralized protocol for cross-border transactions - launched on a network of 100 billion star tokens. Tokens are now called Lumens or XLM tokens.

Stellar's ultimate goal is to replace the SWIFT system, disrupting global financial markets. Through XLM tokens the Stellar network allows cross-border transactions between any currency pairs. One of Stellar's distinctive features is that it serves as the backbone for other cryptocurrencies. This gave Stellar a great opportunity to further develop and escalate.


Founded in 2017 by the TRON Foundation, this ecosystem has quickly turned into one of the most popular projects in the crypto world.

Justin Sun is the CEO of TRON and he is listed as one of Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 in 2017.

TRON's goal is to build a free global digital entertainment system that enables users to share digital content in an easy and cost-effective way.

Too complicated? Think Netflix for a moment. These third parties centralize content and distribute it on demand to large audiences. For content creators, hosting content on Netflix comes at a huge cost.

With TRON, the idea is to bypass the middlemen and enable anyone and everyone to host digital content on its blockchain-based ecosystem.

For content creators, this model provides them with a unique opportunity to lower the price of third-party distribution channels.

For the public, lower costs on the creator's side may translate into lower prices for accessing content. TRX is the digital currency of this ecosystem.


Since January 2019, NEO Token has almost doubled from $ 7.50 to $ 11.00 at present. While it remains a somewhat risky investment, its low price makes it easy to accommodate on any portfolio. The market limit of this “Chinese Ethereum” is around $ 790 million.

NEO is a coin from China and it is very likely that the government will support the blockchain building with this coin. A coin infrastructure full of potential could be the main reason why the Chinese government is also thinking about joining the NEO game.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT is an Ethereum-based ad exchange platform that connects publishers, advertisers and users on the blockchain. This ERC-20 utility token is used on the platform and is integrated in the Brave web browser, which allows users to tip content creators with BAT - which can then be used to buy advertisements through advertising platforms such as Google, Yahoo or social media.

By using this token, companies can directly interact with consumers. BAT tokens appeared with the new browser - Brave. Brave has its own advantages over other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, including high speed, built-in ad blocks and more.

Brave also allows users to watch advertisements of their own accord and earn money (BAT Tokens). That way, consumers can provide genuine and pure feedback. Even though it's not in the ranking, the use of this browser really supports the use of coins, so this coin is very good to store.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is another cryptocurrency that you shouldn't ignore in 2020. LTC is one of the fastest and most affordable cryptocurrencies when it comes to payments. High-Tech's Profile has placed this cryptocurrency in third place on this crypto investment list.

Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the only currencies above Litecoin, this cryptocurrency offers great potential at a much more affordable price level.

Each unit of LTC is currently trading for less than $ 100, which gives more investors the opportunity to own it and invest in it.

In a similar way to Ripple, Litecoin's price is also very dependent on adoption.

Litecoin recently confirmed it will be integrated into regular ATMs in South Korea through a partnership with MeconCash which is certainly an additional adoption for it.

Bitcoin Cash

One level from BSV, the choice of crypto assets this time is still in the bitcoin line, namely BCH. Indodax noted that the BCH coin trading market increased by 0.80% and the lowest selling price based on market cap was 3,250,000 million, while the highest selling price was around 3,285,000 million.

The difference in price drops of only 35 thousand crypto assets also needs to be considered for crypto asset investment options in a pandemic like now.

Note :

In times of a pandemic like this, it should be necessary to make plans for the future with the aim of managing finances so that they are always awake and can be used in an emergency. Whether it's gold or crypto assets other than the list above, you can use it in long-term investments, the point is that finance is not in vain and certainly not wasteful.

And always remember "Don't Put Eggs in One Investment Basket " also understand our goals for investing

**I wish the best for all of us **

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