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A Cup of Coffee Story

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1 year ago

Coffee and Morning

The fragrance of coffee penetrates through the nose and gives a morning spirit. the heart is racing, the brain works smoothly and is ready to carry out a daily routine. Every morning, me and maybe you always rely on coffee to start the day. has become a close friend and difficult to separate. In Elementary School, when young children my age enjoyed a glass of warm milk, I always asked for a cup of coffee too. Breakfast becomes more meaningful. Bread, jam, milk and coffee are mandatory menus. But keep in mind, I don't mix milk and coffee, drink it separately and let them unite in the stomach.

Enjoying the morning and coffee while sipping the fresh morning is like a real unity in enjoying life. there is a sense of calm and satisfaction. Relax because you can still enjoy the morning and are satisfied with your own coffee blend. one pack fits one mug without the need to ask a barista to brew it.

Shades of Coffee

Coffee is like a happy poison which can give a different nuance to each person who sips it. Like me who enjoys coffee in the morning and evening as a way to get relaxation. Some of my friends have other opinions, there are those who drink coffee to relieve stress, as a chat partner, a friend to smoke cigarettes, or just as a way to get along.

Coffee has its own way of creating various situations, everyone has their own goals and ways. coffee to complement all kinds of atmosphere. easy to find everywhere and thank God we live in Indonesia. Various types of coffee are available in abundance, processed throughout the year. unlike some European countries that have to import from other countries, making coffee an expensive culture.

Enjoyment of coffee nuances fills this country, making things simpler. a cup of coffee can mean many things and solve many problems. have you tried enjoying it today? How do you feel?

My coffee. Your coffee

There are many types of coffee, the aroma and taste are different and each has its own characteristics. Talking about 4 types of Arabica, Robusta, Liberika and Excelsa definitely need a special room. Even the way of roasting to serving will greatly affect the taste, not to mention that now the coffee art trend in serving coffee is also a reference.

What needs to be underlined is that the matter of taste cannot be forced. There are those like me who like the classic model without sugar or prefer thick and sweet or those that are busy with teenagers, various types of lattes and various kinds of coffee bean expansions such as mocca or cappuchino. Whether it is served warm or cold it all depends on who wants it. Including friends drinking coffee, whether sweet or salty, want cakes from western countries or traditional cakes from Indonesia, all are delicious.

No need to worry about franchise-style coffee or traditional coffee shops, I still like homemade where there is a sense of satisfaction and pride mixed into a glass of Nescafe classic. Coffee in a homemade mug, delicious like no other

Coffee Interaction

Drinking coffee has now become a lifestyle today. Enjoying a cup of coffee while chatting can warm the atmosphere. relieve fatigue and tension with a warm conversation with a cup of coffee.

For me, a cup of coffee will be very important in every social interaction. Casual chats, serious meetings or important deals are easier to melt with a sip of coffee. This habit has become commonplace and fun.

Do you like coffee? Same, me too, a cup of Nescafe classic morning and evening and no sugar between us.

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Written by   12
1 year ago
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