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Can we as humans cure death?

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4 months ago
Topics: Awareness, World, Healing

There lies somewhere an old manuscript that speaks on how we as humanity can cure death,not I'm the factual Sense that the title might potray ,let me explain.

Everything is energy and the entire galaxy and universe is made up of energy some of which we might not be able to explain yet or even experience due to our physiological speaks of the different stages of humanity and how we have managed to account for the the physical changes In humans while forgetting the changes in the conscious of our brains and abilities.

It speaks of possibilities to to travel multiverse, galaxies and dimensions with nothing but the power of your mind by simply meditating . how the mass of people will go through the initial phase of restlessness to increasing vibrations so high you can simply will yourself I to a dimensions of your choice.what do you think should I tell you more? Let me know in the comments.

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