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What's the difference between marketing and selling?

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2 months ago
Topics: Marketing, Selling
Friday 20 may 2022

We are often confused with two terms in business, namely marketing and selling. Both do have the same goal, to sell and get consumers. However, these two fields are actually different. If it is not understood properly, it could be misplaced work and make your business not run smoothly. So, what is the difference between marketing and selling?

Get to know the term Marketing & Selling

Marketing (marketing) has a definition in the form of a process of determining prices, distributing, and promoting a product that meets the wants and needs of the target market to achieve business goals. While selling is the process of persuading and convincing customers to buy the company's products. You can assume that sales are part or purpose of the promotion.

If simplified, the terms marketing and selling can be interpreted as follows:

  • Marketing is the opening activity, sales is the closing activity.

  • Marketing gets customers for products, sales sends products to customers.

  • Marketing drives demand for products, sales fulfills demand and creates relationships.

Marketing vs Selling

To know the difference between marketing and selling, you can see it from the following aspects:


The difference between marketing and selling can be seen from the process of their activities. In the process, marketing talks about the product, to whom the product will be sold, where the product will be sold, and how much the product will cost. It is different with selling, which is more about setting goals and describing goals for all processes. Then, they will start a campaign that targets the market in a different way.

The selling team has a plan in the form of processes that occur in sales, team structure, markets, and sales targets. This team must then analyze the plan in order to properly meet these targets.


The next difference lies in the target. Marketing has the main target of promoting the company's products using various strategies that attract consumers. This is because marketing aims to expand the reach of the business to various types of customers, consider all factors to influence customers, and direct customers to buy business products. Marketing campaigns are made to last a long time so their goals are long term.

In the marketing team, they also have responsibilities in the form of:

  • Product pricing.

  • Trying to understand the customer and the market.

  • Understand how customer data can affect potential customers.

  • Create plans from customer data.

In the selling team, they have the main target to direct potential customers to purchase. The purpose of selling is also in the short term and is tasked with measuring the quantity of products that must be sold in order to achieve the predetermined target.


Strategy is also one of the most striking differences between marketing and selling. The marketing team's strategy really depends on the type of campaign that will be undertaken and who is the target customer. The marketing team has several main strategies, such as SEO marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, blog marketing, and others. These strategies are used to attract people to get to know the company's products.

In contrast to the selling team which is very dependent on the type of product, the method used in selling, the market, the type of industry, and others. To carry out their duties, the selling team will implement the main strategy in the form of SPIN Selling, N.E.A.T. Selling, Solution Selling, SNAP Selling, and others. All of these strategies aim to help consumers solve their problems and then increase sales for the company.


Marketing and selling both use social media and CRM in their work processes. Social media is used by marketing to attract an audience, while selling uses it as a sales strategy. Then the CRM database is used by both to build good relationships with customers.

The Right Marketing and Selling Strategy

Marketing and selling have certain strategies that can be applied to develop the company.


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Get to know customers

Do market trend research to identify what customers really need and want. This is so that your product can be right on target and not make it redundant.

Choosing a strategic business place

The market research you do can help you determine where to start your business. Make sure to choose a location that is easily accessible to consumers to make it easier for them to shop at your store.

Do a promotion

In marketing, promotion is the main activity as a way to introduce your product to the wider community. Not just a promotion, you have to make it as creative as possible to attract the attention and interest of consumers to buy it.

Make a budget

Of course, all of the above strategies must be adjusted to the budget you have. If you have more budget, then you should also do additional promotions through Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or other platforms so that your products reach more consumers.

Build a good relationship with customers

You have to treat your customers the best you can. In addition to providing optimal service, you must also be willing to accept their suggestions and complaints. For loyal customers, don't hesitate to give rewards in the form of vouchers, discounts, or certain gifts.

Sending email marketing

Send marketing emails to share information about product catalogs, promotions, or events that are being held. To avoid appearing as spam, create an email that mentions the customer's name at the beginning.

Create accounts on social media

Apart from being a promotional medium, social media can also function as a place to interact with consumers.

Using Google My Business Google My Business is a feature from Google designed for entrepreneurs to make it easier for potential customers to find complete information about their business and automatically appear on Google Maps. Examples include business name, company phone number, company address, email address, website, operating hours, office photos, and customer reviews.


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Providing promotions in an interesting way

Successful sales can also be affected by how you promote. An attractive promotion method will bring in more buyers even though the products offered are ordinary.

Pay attention to product quality

Make sure you have checked the quality of the product before marketing it to the public to avoid any complaints that could worsen your company's image. In addition, you also have to be honest about the products you offer so that customers can trust you.

Providing the best service

In addition to product quality and honesty, another factor that influences sales success is customer service. Provide the best possible service with a smile, polite attitude and speech, and listen to customer complaints to make them feel appreciated.

Use digital platforms

Technology has developed rapidly, so you must be able to keep up with it. The benefits of digital platforms to help you make sales that will reach a wider community and don't cost a lot.

Deepen competitor strategy

In order to be able to compete in the midst of intense business competition, you must know how the strategies are carried out by competitors. Hopefully, you can find out their weaknesses and then take those gaps to grab market share.

So, you now know the difference between marketing and selling. By knowing the difference between the two, you will be able to apply the strategies and steps to take to make it work.

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Written by   44
2 months ago
Topics: Marketing, Selling
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