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The Philosophy of the Full Moon and a Collection of Meanings

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2 months ago
Sunday 15 may 2022

The full moon is a phase in which the moon is directly behind the earth when viewed from the sun. "Full moon" comes from Sanskrit: Pūrṇimā. The name was used because one phase of the moon is 29.5 days long. The full moon usually occurs between the 14th and 15th days of each month. Technically the time of the full moon is the night where the sun sets almost at the same time as the moon rises, and vice versa. The full moon can be observed from the East-Southeast to West-Southwest.

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In life, the full moon is a time that many people look forward to. The beautiful picture of the full moon will be very meaningful for rural children, especially in areas where there is still minimal lighting. Children in the countryside far from the crowds will be very happy waiting for the full moon, they will see the perfect wholeness of the Moon. Laughter, cheerful jokes, and various small games will come together to create a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, the Moon gave off a silver glow and perfect shape. The full moon is truly a very meaningful gift.

Here are some meanings that we can take when the Full Moon appears.

1. Space Jewels

The full moon is often present without us knowing it at night. It felt like suddenly greeting by showing the beauty of a figure who was standing quietly. Without speaking, expressing everything seemed to be a differentiator from other celestial bodies.

Among the stars, clouds, and the dark sky, the full moon is a piece of jewelry that everyone wants to have. The silver color that has become his trademark also shows that he can be something special. The moonlight touching the earth may also be a sign that he is a jeweler who always tries to make every eye that looks at him happy.

2. Peacemaker

Calm and peace may be two things we can feel when we meet Purnama. When the eyes deliberately turn their gaze upwards, it is as if the heart has arrived at the moon. Alone, calm, and full of peace are present to complement each other trying to treat all the feelings of anxiety that this afternoon was very torturous.

Being alone and wandering aimlessly can be a medicine in itself for some people who really like peace. The full moon will always bring peace to anyone who looks at it, even some humans don't care about it. For him, what he can give to those who love him is something that is very meaningful and valuable.

3. Cycle of joy and sorrow

Talking about the ups and downs that occur in this life will certainly never end. As long as humans still feel all the elements of life, problems will continue to come to them as a form of trial. Where the trial is certainly a way that the Creator gave to remove sins and increase human status. Humans are required to remain patient and should not prioritize lust when facing trials.

The full moon also teaches us about all these things. Where when Purnama becomes a figure admired by many people, many things must be fulfilled first so that his figure can be present in real and give people feelings of love. Keep in mind that the full moon will not be present all the time, but only at certain times. Happiness will surely alternate with disappointment. As humans we can only keep trying and walking on the right path.

4. Unreachable Figure

Basically, everything has its own destiny. So many fates that have actually been determined and cannot be changed, such as birth, parents, race/ethnicity, and so on. However, it should also be noted that some destiny can be changed by the form of effort made. All will depend on the extent to which effort and prayer go hand in hand.

The full moon teaches a little about how far we want him. Some people certainly have thought of being able to reach the full moon, but basically it can't be easily achieved. It takes a very large effort and capital if you really want to achieve it, that's a form of business. For ordinary people, perhaps enjoying and expressing everything in words is a form of reaching the meaning of the "Full Moon".

Such is the meaning and philosophy of the full moon that we often see. Behind the beauty of this full moon, we can learn the important meaning of the full moon.

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Written by   44
2 months ago
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I feel very peaceful when I sit under the light of the full moon.

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