2021 mining machine war kicks off Whatsminer M50 trial production reaches 28J/T

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2 years ago

Wu has exclusively learned that Whatsminer's next-generation mining machine M50 is in trial production, and some miners have already obtained prototypes. The energy efficiency ratio of this mining machine is best to reach 28J/T, but the high probability will eventually be around 30-32J/T, and the computing power is rarely as high as 200TH/s. It is expected to start pre-sale early next year, and strive to deliver goods before the arrival of the rainy season.

The hashrate of Whatsminer mining machine rarely exceeds 200T this time, and to some extent it is adapting to the trend of intensification, specialization and large-scale mining in large mines and reducing operation and maintenance costs. The pre-calculation power of M50S will even exceed 200T, but it has not yet been trial-produced. The above-mentioned data is still information in the trial production stage, and it is not ruled out that certain changes will occur in the future.

The miner continues to use Samsung 8nm chips. Industry insiders predict that Whatsminer's annual mining machine production capacity may be around 200,000 to 300,000 units next year. If a radical demand for production capacity is raised against Samsung at a high price, the production capacity may even reach 500,000.

Due to the sharp rise in the price of Bitcoin, every company will put forward more demand for production capacity next year. On November 18th, in a live event hosted by Mars Finance and Wu, Justin Sun stated that the price of Bitcoin will reach its peak between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, with a price around US$100,000; Jiang Zhuoer also believes that Bitcoin The price will reach its peak on March 19, 2022, and the price will be around US$90--12 million. This judgment is too exaggerated, but to some extent represents the current industry expectations.

At present, the mainstream large computing power mining machines on the market are Antminer S19Pro and S19 under Bitmain, Whatsminer M30S under Microbit and Avalon A1246 under Canaan. Among them, S19Pro is 29.5J/T; M30S and A1246 are both 38J/T. At the chip level, except Bitmain adopts TSMC 7nm, other manufacturers mainly adopt Samsung 8nm.

If the Whatsminer M50S can reach the best 28J/T, it will surpass the Antminer S19Pro and become the current mining machine with the largest computing power and the lowest power consumption. However, Samsung's yield, stability, and production capacity are relatively large compared with TSMC. Bitmain is advancing the research and development of TSMC's 5nm chip, but due to the internal reconciliation and the difficulty of developing new processes, the development of new mining machines may be delayed.

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