Shark Finning is a Very Cruel Act !!

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This is a terrible act of throwing the remaining animal back into the sea by cutting the wings of the living shark, where it dies slowly and painfully. Feathers are used in China and Hong Kong, and elsewhere in the world Chinese communities, use shark art soup as a key ingredient.

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The dangers that sharks face from humans, among them is the practice of harvesting background and feathery feathers and lower tail feathers from sharks around the world through commercial fishing operations and other After the shark was caught and its wings were removed, its body, which is still alive, is often thrown on the ship to save weight and space. This cruel process originated from China.

Shark finning is widespread, and largely unorganized and unmonitored. This process has increased due to the increasing demand of feathers during the last decade (for shark art soup). Shark finning kills approximately 100 million or more sharks every year globally. Tens of millions of sharks and rays are killed each year mainly through illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing. About 181 shark species have been endangered or severely endangered in the red list.

People who likes shark fin soup

Although Chinese and Chinese people mainly eat dishes, its consumption in western societies is growing with rich consumers, asians and non-asians. Chinese and Chinese people mainly eat the dish, its consumption is increasing in western societies, rich consumers, asians and non-asians. About 50% of the dry fin market is brokered through Hong Kong and China is the main market for shark feathers. However, shark fins are still a big trade and are widely used in the US, putting shark populations at risk.

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Sharks and rays are threatened by feather demand, excessive fishing, fishing by catch, habitat and hunting loss, and human distress.

Stop eating sharks and save them.

Seriously, It contains heavy metals and chemicals that can cause numerous negative health effects and can actually be toxic if consumed in excess. So although a unique food is sold for cooking, shark meat should never be eaten because it is dangerous. Shark meat is incredibly dangerous because sharks are the highest predators that accumulate high levels of toxic chemicals and heavy metals by absorbing into the skin and eating their prey. These hazardous chemicals and metals grow over time and reach the toxic level rapidly. This process is known as biomolecules. These toxic chemicals and heavy metals also accumulate in the human body, so the more sharks you eat, the more dangerous it is for your health.

Shark Fin Soup also very Toxic

Analysis of shark feathers from Florida waters found an overdose of neo-methylamino-l-alanine, or bmia, a neurotoxin that is linked to alzheimer's and Lou garig's disease. This search raises concerns that using shark meat and cartilage can endanger consumers. So we should keep away from sharks meat and soup, in this way we can save sharks from dangerous cruelty.

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