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Writing Again

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1 year ago
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How are guys, it's almost 3months since the last time I wrote my articles here in readcash. I miss writing so I'm here again I hope that this time that Im back I can write a good article. I lost my confidence that's why I stop it. Sometimes when you are down writing is the best way to ease the pain.

I'm active in in last 3months but I failed there, they give me heart but no value. It's a very big help to me every week I saved money and I used it for our everyday expenses. But one day my account can't received a heart so Im so sad that time I don't know how to get back to normal but until now my account was miserable. I got jealous sometimes because the other users of noise cash even though their content or post are too short but they have a value. It's so unfair that my account now can't received. I'm hoping everyday that my account will be back soon maybe I belong to the spammer list. Anyways no hurt feelings but I love noise cash even though I can't received any tips there I'm still posting everyday on that platform. I like it because no toxic post and comments, unlike the other platform. So I will post there no matter what happen to my account as long as I'm happy there. Sharing my thoughts and opinion.

Now that Im back here in readcash I will pursue my self everyday to write any good story or content to be active here again. Im hoping that I'm still welcome here.

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