Internet Connection Problems

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Nowadays so many people struggling about internet connection because it is very important especially through people working at home that using laptop, computer, cellphone that needed a strong internet connection to make their job become easier.We all know that hard to find job in our situation because of this pandemic so as I wish that our government make a way to fix some issues about internet connection problems. Not only people working at home affected to this problem so many people like students and teachers that needed a strong internet connection because our new normal education is very important to them because so many people want to learn like me Im also a student that want to study and finish my schooling.We all know modules in education is applied but the modules that they given is hard to understand so we need an online class to explain what our going to do . This days there are a typhoon that name Rolly so many establishments destroy not only establishments affected also the internet connection so please government make a way a solution to this problem.

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In this new ,internet connection is needed because this is the primary necessity to connect and interact with others but the sad part because of our demand, the problem arises from networks that really affects us especially students

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2 years ago