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What can we give to God and the people?

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1 month ago

In the Philippines for a christian like me,or a believer of Jesus as my Lord and savior.I am very happy to celebrate the birth of my saviour,nothing in this world that I ever be for thankful but with him alone.I live a meaningful life when I accepted him as my Lord and saviour.I will tell everyone my faith in God without hesitation because he is my God who gave me hope when I'm in the darkest part of my life.

The Christian people celebrate his birth during Christmas Day.

Christmas is all about giving just like what Jesus did for us,his birth was a greatest gift for the whole world.He brings peace,unity,love and acceptance for all.God created us all and even the whole world,he is the creator,what can we give to him?

Please Note:(I know everyone here have different religions but I think we all need to respect each other's belief )

What can we give to God?

Thankful Heart

A thankful heart is what the Lord wants us to give to him,to give him thanksgiving in everything that we've been through whether good or bad,it is the will of God to always be thankful in Him.

Even if we say that for the past days and years of our life was the worst because of covid but if we try to evaluate there's always a reason to praise God.The truth is,we don't owned this life that we have,it's just a temporary privilege that we enjoy each day.And there are some people that we know who passed away,these pandemic season.But still,we are alive today,kicking and breathing,it's more than enough that we should be thankful.God already knows how long we will live,he owned it,and he is the only one who can take it back .

By Loving Him

According to John 3:16 ,For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in Him shall not perished but have everlasting life.

God is the only who loves us first , even if we don't loved him back,he showed his love for us even if the people despise Him.

We should love the Lord our God with all our heart,soul,and strength.For all the sacrifices that He did for us,He is all worth it to receive love for always.

Loving His People

Actually Christmas speaks world peace,where people are smiling and happy with each other,when they eat together and enjoy the Christmas spirit.We should stop hate with other people,no bitterness.

It is the time of forgiving also,I remember when my family had a conflict,during Christmas Day,they will gather together and settle misunderstandings.But it should not happened only during this season,forgiving is daily.

It's a time of reconciliation for broken relationship ,and fixing our failures.Its better to say goodbye with 2021 without heavy baggage in our heart but with a clean heart that is joyful and happy .

Gift is not just about material things on earth,how did it cost and the quality of an item.We can enjoy this celebration if our heart was settled already without heavy burden.Christmas starts within our heart ,where Jesus is born to live with us.If we won't understand the meaning of Christmas we will never know what is it all about.

Gift giving

Every Christmas we had a tradition like giving gifts or exchanging gifts.What do you prefer to give or to receive?

For me,I prefer to give without exchange than to receive more with what I give.In every Christmas party there will be a exchange gift but I think we need to change it according to what I have,budget and needs.

Do you have a many inaanak or god daughter or god son?Every Christmas it's also a part of norms by giving them gifts.I already prepared simple gifts for my inaanak .I bought this earrings online ,it 1 peso each,I have 5 pieces for,for my daughter and for the other girls.

Earrings to be wrap

As simple as what we could what is important that it came from our heart,it's okay.But if we don't have material things to give we should t force ourselves ,giving is for all time even in normal days.

What other things can we give ?


Give respect to people ,parents,spouse ,friends and for everyone around us.Its untouchable gift but it had a power to unite and settle relationship.


Give time to our family this holiday season,eating together, going outside like Christmas lights viewing .Time is precious thing that we can share to others.

Cash/Bitcoin Cash

Yes,we can give it away.Hehe There are people who deserve to receive it.But it is according to our budget and availability see. It is a very practical way of giving, without a need to wrap it.

By the way,here in the platform is always been a giving day,as always,the random rewarder is very generous to all of us since day 1.And for all the sponsors who support me until today and the past days of my blogging thank you so much.

I wanna give you all a big "thank you".

Thanks for reading,as I always end.

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Written by   108
1 month ago
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Christmas should be celebrated everyday to commemorate our beloved Jesus Christ, some people only see the worth of the word peace when this Xmas day and it's the sad reality of this life. In good side we are celebrating Xmas even though there are challenges we are facing like this pandemic that ruins everything, I'm glad that the restrictions are loosen and I can assure that Filipinos can enjoy Xmas with joy in their hearts.

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1 month ago

I have heard from the news that the covid cases in the Philippines recorded the lowest numbers today for 300+,so we have the thousand reasons to be happy and be thankful.Hoping that it will not soar high after the holiday season.I just hope that everyday is Christmas day ,remembering Jesus should not only be in Christmas but in our daily living.

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1 month ago