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Celebrating Love Month

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11 months ago

Are you excited every 14th day of February? Well, it's near already. Who will celebrate Valentine's? Boyfriend or girlfriend, husband, and wife?

Love is not only for them but it is for all, for everybody. Most people have celebrated during this month. I can recall during grade school, our teacher will tell us to make a card by using bond paper and crayons. For our mama and papa, write a short message and draw a heart shape, and put the words " I love you. I don't personally believe in St.Valentine but I do believe in love.

Love is the most beautiful word on the face of the earth, it is the most powerful force in the land to cover all filthy things. For me, I don't have a reason to not celebrate this season. I'm thankful that there is a time like this, it can be a time for reconciliation with broken relationships, and give chances with people.

It's February, love is in the air. It is the season on which lovers will celebrate love for each other through dating and giving gifts like flowers, personalized shirts, chocolate,and cake. But I just heard from the news that flowers are having a shortage these few days, so they suggest to make a virtual surprise, a virtual gift to avoid a covid.

Reason why I celebrate love;

God is the source of love, we can celebrate love all over again.

But how about if you are single, would you still celebrate love? Yes, of course.

Here are the reasons why;

  • Celebrate your single status, while enjoying some time to meet someone.

  • It a day for friends

  • Wear your best dress

  • Make a creative presents for someone special in your heart

  • Celebrate with your parents and siblings

Singles can also celebrate love, it was a perfect time to enjoy and meet someone or by giving him/her a gift to express your feelings and affection. Celebrating love should not be enclosed by couples only, we have our parents that who shared our love, our siblings that also take care of us.

Why marriage couples should celebrate Love?

  • Love is the one that binds together in a relationship.

Love is the reason why we meet our wife /husband, love unites us together. Two people with a different personality, behavior, lifestyle, religion, status in life. It covers all imperfection of a couple.

This the reason why we should celebrate love.

  • To spread the essence of Love

All we know that there are a lot of people who do not value the word love. They have neglected the importance to share love. A lot of families have been broken and destroyed because they don't have love anymore.

By celebrating love in our home it will remind us that we should stay together that two people being united by God through marriage should not be separated but persevere till life ends.

  • To remind us of our firsts

Your first kiss ,first hugs ,the first date with your spouse. Every first was sweet and memorable, so during this time we can create new memories together and cherished to remember our vows.

  • To recognize the Love of God

God is love. If we don't have love we don't know him according to the scripture. Celebrating love is expressing that God is with us that we love because of him.

How to celebrate love month during a pandemic?

We should not pressure ourselves this season we have a called daily love gestures. It means that we can share love, express love within our home, through a special dinner. Changing the home environment through decorating flowers or balloons and a hug that whispers I love you.

Meet friends online. There are some precautions in different places due to pandemic that's why there are instances that we can't meet up with our closest friends. Online, it is still possible to express our love.

During the pandemic time we need to celebrate love more than ever this is to lift our family member who has been through tough times because of covid 19, there are a lot of people who lost their loved ones they need our love.

Love is worth celebrating more than anything else that we should be thankful that love exists in this world, and that is the amazing works of God.

Love should never stop until the end of this life, a person can never be productive without love. I hope that this love will never be neglected, but it should be remembered everyday.No no other things that can substitute in love, things on earth may give us pleasure but in a short period of time while it also makes us bored and stress. But with love, you can make things more excellent.

Even if you know all the languages on earth, you have the talent, skills, money, but without love life would be miserable.

Thanks for reading!

Happy hearts day!

Stay in love.💚💚💚

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Written by   107
11 months ago
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