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A turn over message

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1 month ago

Hi everyone,today I’m gonna share with you a story about a text message, it’s a message from my hobby’s past girlfriend not me but her girl before we met.Before we met, he had already a lot of girlfriends,I ask him if what number do I belong, but he said he already forget,he can’t recognize if I’m on the tenth or so on and so forth.

I sometimes have it very degrading in my part because he was my first boyfriend but he can’t count me if I’m the 5th or 6th ,hehe to many to mention.So you know, this man is a playboy before I met him, every places he go he has a girlfriend until we met he became stick to one, 🤔 sort of, he has a lot of text mates too.I think of myself very unfortunate.But he choose to marry me, because her mother didn’t know me yet, he said that every time he has a girlfriend his mother will opposed immediately.

So,I will just cut the story short when we are about to marry.After the so called “Pamamanhikan” we had an agreement that we will exchange our phones, so he gave me his cellphones, it was Nokia 3310 before way back 2006.Im the one who carry it, answer calls and some text messages .Until one day, there was a text message that arrived and when I open it it states that,”please be careful with him, he is a good man “.

I became curious who sent that message, and then I ask my husband,and he said that,it was Vicky,his ex girlfriend.I didn’t know about his past love life that he has a relationship with that girl when she was in Cebu and she’s one who takes care of him when he has nothing and need help.

He doesn’t tell me their whole story and I don’t know why but I think he love him too, because I can see it in his eyes.With all the girls that he love before is already a part of his past and I don’t even ask him about them because they’re too many to tell.

Being a woman, sometimes it was out of our knowledge with the man we met was having an affair, but I find that text messages a nice turn over,although she didn’t know me yet but I think she was a nice person because her text was short but has a deep message.

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With the girls part, maybe it was hard for her when she knew that his boyfriend is about to get married without saying goodbye to her.When he left her,I think her heart is broken when she knew about us.

That text message had almost break us apart, because he felt guilty when she read it,and our marriage plan was about to be cancel.Nobody knows about this story except you who read this, even our parents and friends didn’t knew that it happened.I told him that he should not proposed to me if he wasn’t sure to marry and I don’t want to be embarrassed with my family and friends.

And I just let the days goes by,and we didn’t receive any text message from her.And we cannot contact her even if we try to connect with.Im very mad with myself ,of why did I choose to fall with this person who have doubtful mind.But,we never talk about it anymore and keep on preparing our wedding day, we never had a formal talk of what to do, but we just go with the flow and prepare everything.

Even if I’m thinking to back out everything is already settled and prepared, that text message is a big surprised for me.

My marriage life was having a lot of ups and downs when we were started being together, it was not that simple to say “yes” or “I do”,but it was a very serious commitment and life-long responsibility and contract.Maybe we almost break for 5 - 10 times we say to each other that we will left each other but I think God didn’t want us to separate because every time it happens there’s always a time for us to settle and be together again.We always want to preserve our relationship for our family and love really is the one that binds is truly.Without love we will never succeed with that text messages had almost stop us but in the end love will prevail and win.

We’re just nine months of a relationship before getting married and some people say that it was too early to get into commitment.A lot of people criticized us especially with me,but it was never my obligation to pleased people that was I always say to myself,my happiness is my responsibility.For me, it’s better to get married than being in a relationship with full of lust of flesh and fall into sin.

To Vicky,I personally admire her bravery of being kind to say something through text.I fully understand her side,because it’s not easy to be left behind without any word of saying goodbye.

That day of our life when we read her text was already a part of past ,it’s just a memory .That’s why I realized that,we never knew what’s the reason behind every anger, hatred ,jealousy and bitterness.Because love can give us mixed emotions and transform our views in life.

Love is a complex word that a person can tell, it maybe sounds good but hard to explain.If love will love to us,we can never say no,it’s like a roaring flood and flows like a raindrops.

Even if love hurts,it’s still a pleasure to feel in love.

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Stay in love guys!

Thank you my lovely sponsors for not leaving my sponsor box,God bless you always.


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Written by   100
1 month ago
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I feel pity for vicky, as a man its my responsibility to bid goodbye to my past relationship so that it can help them to move on, it's really heartbreaking to see the person you love before that already inlove with someone. I wish she already moved on, hayszzz boys are always boys, buti na lang ako stick to one.🖖

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1 month ago

Ang bait mo naman,sana all ka talaga,swerte ang magiging partner mo.Boys will always be boys,temptation is everywhere and it’s always a choice to be faithful.

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1 month ago