Discussions.app a little know free-speech platform

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Discussions is a reddit-inspired, decentralized and open-source communication platform that runs on the telos blockchain and is powered by its own token (Atmos).

With the blatant censorship comming from silicon valley based social media titans suchs as facebook and youtube a lot of smaller projects started popping up on the web.

Gab, library, getr and others have been getting a lot of attencion lately due to just that!

Users who want to be able to speak their minds without censors overlooking every pixel of their posts are migrating in large numbers towards these platforms, however the terms of service are different in each platform and some might actually censor some speech.

How does discussions.app secure speech and privacy?

“Since the launch of Discussions.app two years ago, our mission has always been to give users back the control over their online social lives,” said Jacques Xu, co-founder of Discussions.app. The platform was made to resist censorship with 3 layers: Layer 0 is the blockchain, so any post created stays there forever and can't be deleted even by the admins or mods to prevent censorship. Layer 1 is made out of tags. They're public and can't be moderated or modified not even by admins.Layer 2 is communities. They're user created and content there can be curated and managed by the moderators.

The interface keeps getting upgrades and features are added on a montly basis, staking Atmos in the app isn't available at the moment but it will get added in a couple of months. By owning atmos users own a piece of the platform and can also tip other users based on content.

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