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When we look at the history of the economy, in ancient age there was no trade. Individuals utilize to live on their endeavors and hunting abilities, where we utilized to live depending only upon the animals for nourishment. every cycle of life we utilized to confront scarcity of nourishment. This, we figured out nourishments from plants and also we perceived to plant a seed and collect it. This changed the concept of individuals, we begun the aggregation stage. With time, we begun exchanging our amassed products things. This we begun with the exchange market. Afterward we put the reference within the market and begun as gold. We create exchange with gold and utilize it when it is necessary.

Everybody knows that cash is basics to one's life. But we disregard that it isn't the basics of life. We are able live without it too. It is that we made our life so complicated that presently we are able even think a moment without the money. Hiking, we require money, Movie? We require cash, visit? We require cash. For us presently nothing is conceivable without money. Seeing these all, I am a science student, I felt let's allow a few time to the shine of money of markets. Hence, I begun my travel to the economy subject.

Today's world is ruled by capitalism and we are in financial capitalism stages. Where financial teach play an critical part in our economy. That was a brief survey of the history of economics

Knowing this all, I was pulled in by the share market which is the heart of financial capitalism.

I begun to memorize around markets how they are controlled by individuals. I spend two years perusing it all but couldn't discover any clue, this felt presently let's play with candles.

I begun my travel to know the heart of financial capitalism with offers since it was the heart and I ought to figure out the designs of how it beats.

We play being a reference to money

This is an awesome weakness of our own within the play. We purchase a coin at $1. And keep on seeing it on its values, when it goes up we feel I am winning making a few. In case we go down we feel we are is misplaced. But know it UNLESS we Offer we ARE Neither IN Benefit NOT IN LOSS. it's not genuine, fair think in this way, from today, UNLESS WE DO Pull back AND COMES BACKS TO OUR Satchel WE ARE NOT IN Benefit NOR LOSS. This could be a correct explanation.

The concept must be changed because our ancient concept which is


is making them rich and wealthy again and again. Since they make a dip. And they again purchase taking down the market they take such dept that we are made to do freeze sell and in the event that they purchase at a few points brings down they will get tremendous profits.

Now, it is time to figured it out that we must alter the concept. of ours.

And I think the perfect way to do trading is almost the number of coins we have. In case we do so, we never ought to stress approximately the cost of coins, whether there be a tremendous dip or high tip. We must as it were move with the reference of the anointing we hold, not the cost that we hold.

And usually what I knew after losing some thousands of dollars. This can be why 98% of traders particularly new ones gets up within the trap of whales making them wealthier and richer and goes on rehashing once more and again. We are making them on our weakness.

Being driven by sentimental

Our mind continuously fools us in our difficult time, when we see ourselves in a misplaced position, presently the mind gets to be dynamic and gets dreams itself into getting assist more misfortune and gets into the issue of panic sell.

And the big investors have so much cash that they can control our market and plays with our assumptions.

In conclusion

We believe that costly cars are the trademark of our effective journey which is the weakness of our own that we make fundamentals of our life as crucial ones. Can't we live without that tesla car, Amazon which is advancing outside things in our nearby markets, do we require them? Do we require those all?

No, we do not need them, but we are modern human, feels awesome when we carry iPhone in one hand and roles on another hand.

We are getting to be wealthy no question but making others wealthier and richer day by day. Since of it, we have blown the bubble greater and greater and making the crevice bigger and bigger day by day.

Now it is time to be rational, think almost the other destitute peoples as well. We ought to be mindful of the trap made by greater whales, educate, investors. Presently, lets be rational.

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