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1 year ago

One day I was scanning my Twitter timeline when I stumbled into people talking about crypto. I don't actually know what crypto is. All I know are FB, YouTube, Twitter, and more. As I searched about crypto, so it's a digital currency or an electronic money.

It sounds interesting. I don't have any electronic money except for the money I saved in my digital wallet used in transferring money and paying stuff I bought in stores.

The first thing I saw is Bitcoin, then I saw Bitcoin Cash. Some people where talking about Bitcoin Cash as their favorite crypto. I was curious and searched more about it.

Then another post caught my sight, it was about platforms where they earned free Bitcoin Cash through writing articles. As said to myself, "hmm, let me try this."

Writing has been my hobby. I was one of the writers in our school publication when I was in high school. Although I was not into writing that much because I was more on drawing. I was the cartoonist of our school publication but still writing sometimes.

Making poems was also my hobby when I was younger. But when I grew older and became busy at work, my hobbies has been abandoned.

So I guess with the help of readcash, I will be able to enhance my writing skills while earning free Bitcoin Cash. As I explore the site, I found out that most of the people made this crypto as their favorite crypto. They even set a goal to achieve 1 BCH. And here's this club named Club1BCH, it sounds so fun. A club inside a blogging platform? That's cool.

I hope someday I will be a part of the club too. I hope someday I will be a good writer too. And I hope someday, I can earn and save more Bitcoin Cash too.

If you happen to reach this part, thank you for reading. And can you welcome me 😊.

This is wengweng, your new friend here. 😊

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