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Can We Motivate The Most Obstinate People In Our Group?

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Sometimes the obstacles are those things or situations that comes in your way, but the people you are handling. Even though the technology taking over the world, we still need people in our company. Even if we are working online, we are also dealing with people. Because we cannot eliminate the human factor from handling our businesses completely.

But negative people are really hard to handle. Sometimes ew do not know how to handle their very negative trait of obstinacy. Obstinacy need to steam out so that we can achieve progress more profoundly.

However, it is possible to motivate an obstinate people in our group and encourage them to work more positively and turn them into an asset for the team they are working with.

Obstinacy is a sign of inflexibility and ignorance and it is common in this world. But when you come against it, especially in your team, you may ended up exploding your head or having a body temperature higher than a fever temperature, or you may want to bang your head against your concrete wall.

Because sometimes, if you are against with them or their will, you will only get them dig their hills but they won't budge an inch. However, if you will offer them a motivation, the chances of getting them move is positive.

A successful company started because of a good leader. So to successfully get these kind of people to keep going, a motivation is needed. And to get the most out of them, they need to be motivated, and that will start from you.

But how to motivate them?

Precise Communication

  • It is important to understand that precision is a very vital ingredient of good communication skills. Thus, as a leader, you shouldn't undermine the importance of precise Communication because it will be your key to prevent misunderstanding within your team.

  • And as a leader, you should conduct clear expression, appropriate time, good body language, and eye contact when talking with your team or to someone you want to motivate, especially the obstinate ones.

  • It is also important for the companies to communicate precisely to their prospects clients to project a good image, or else, it may be the cause for loss of image.

  • Precise communication can be a great motivator. It is easier to understand each other in the team if everyone can express their thoughts and can express their feelings well. The queries will be lessen as well because you understand each other. So it is easier to work with the people who communicate clearly and easy to motivate people to work.

Unhindered Opportunities

  • In order to motivate people, it is important to show them the benefits they will receive once the given tasks has been fullfilled. If you will encourage them to achieve their goal, they will be able to obtain the benefits. That will motivate them more to keep chasing opportunities and achieve their goals.

  • What is important here is people must feel that they are unhindered. They should feel the freedom without facing any obstacles to see their path on their way to their goals.

  • If you can manage your team successfully, then you can help your people to achieve the objectives of your company. At the end of the day, let them feel that the positive results of every task will be important for the company and they will be benefited.

Positive Atmosphere For Progress

  • A positive atmosphere is also important to achieve success within your team. There are different ways in which a motivation works. It is not just telling your people to do something but also providing them with the positive atmosphere.

  • And the positive success brought about by motivation will make further development. And for the team, this is the incentive they need to achieve individual growth.

  • You be drive your people by the fact that, once your team succeed at something, the rest of the people in your company will view you with a high respect.

  • So your people need an environment which will foster the fair treatment and nurture their hunger for progress that will lead them to success.

Give Your People With Good Incentives and Feedback

  • The last but not the least important way to motivate the obstinate people in your team is giving them a good Incentives and feedback. Let them feel that they will be able to get their good rewards for putting in efforts.

  • An incentive can either be monetary or non-monetary. They are usually given to employees to give appreciation for their good performance. Whatever the manner, they are done to motivate the people by rewarding those who have great performances.

  • Effective feedback is also a way to give a message to your people on how he is performing. We should leave the feedback that will not disappoint them, instead make it a tip for them that will reflects how satisfied you are with their works. Make a feedback that will motivate them for further development and not for criticism.

Motivation is important in today's world. We are all busy to make a living and we can also experience downfall, stress, worries, and different challenges. There are many tasks that we cannot focus the for the one at hand that is watering down our effort. However, if we are motivated, we can overcome all the challenges, we can finish all the tasks, and we can easily move forward to achieving our goals at work and in life.

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Sometimes it is impossible to influence the people around us, but it is always good to try to do positive things.

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