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Get Used to Being You

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4 months ago

It’s easy to like other people and wish to be like them. But it’s very hard for people to be their true selves. I always remind myself that if I don’t truly embrace who I’m then I can never really be an original version of anyone.

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Every human is born to be an original. No two humans are the same among the billions of people that inhabit the earth. Every human is born to be unique. I think it’s pretty cool to appreciate people for their unique qualities. I for one appreciate people for being unique.

Every person you see all around the world that are being celebrated for their talents mostly have one thing in common, they all embraced their unique talents and abilities. The first thing you need to do in order to get people to appreciate your talents is to first of all appreciate that talent.

A talent that is not put to use will never be appreciated. A light is not meant to be hidden under the table. You need to be comfortable with who you are and the talents you have. All humans have certain things that makes them unique. Nobody will come and tell you to do what you are not made to do if you decide to embrace that which you are designed to do. You are the only one that can tell yourself to either do that which you are gifted with or to do that which you are not naturally gifted.

The things we focus our energy on grows. Self motivation is when you chose to be yourself and be comfortable being yourself. I don’t grow to adapt to being what the world wants me to be, rather the world learns to cope with who I’m and what I’m designed to do.

Self motivation is being able to enjoy your own company. How do you expect others to enjoy your company when you can’t even enjoy it? Your talent should be something you can enjoy when you are alone with yourself. Do you enjoy your thought pattern? If you do then focus on improving it for good because What we focus on grows, when a flower receives adequate sun light it blooms.

Self motivation is knowing that you are more of a listener than a talker and being comfortable with that. Don’t try to be a talker when you know deep down that you are not really the type of person that do a lot of talking. Let people know that you are not much of a talker. Being a good listener is a talent that the world needs because a lot of people are looking for people that will truly listen to them and hear them. Motivate yourself to be truly you.

Self motivation is getting used to being you. Get yourself together and be comfortable under your own skin. Being you is beautiful because there is only one true original you, the world needs you. The moment you deny yourself the world has lost a unique personality. Don’t rob the world of a unique personality by choosing to be someone other than yourself. Give the world the gift of you.

I often ask myself what it will mean to be something other than myself and the answer is usually ‘a fake’. Why will I chose to be a fake when I am an actual original? I do not seek to impress anyone because I’m me and I’m unapologetic about that. Why should I apologize for being me? I can never apologize for being me. I’m proud of this original.

When people say you are different I say to them because I’m me. I’m not you or them. I’m me and I can never be anyone else.

I do not have a problem with those who don’t like me because I am a specific kind of person, I’m not every kind of person that everybody must like. I do not posses all the likable qualities that everyone must like, So whoever says they don’t like my personality is speaking the truth because they have confirmed to me that I’m different.

Being different does not mean you just have to remain stagnant with an aspect of you that is not so pleasant. Being different does not mean you have to justify doing evil and call it being different. Being different should involve thinking about how to harness the good in your uniqueness. Every personality Carrie’s with it the choice of being good or bad in that very personality. So I will advice you to strive on motivating yourself to improve your uniqueness in a good way that will benefit mankind.

Use your uniqueness to improve the world because whatever we do in life always has two sides, good or bad.

So now ask yourself this question. Am I comfortable being me? If your answer is No, then start getting used to being you. If your answer is yes, then start motivating yourself to be better at being you because what we focus on grows.

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4 months ago
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