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Splinterlands: Dragons weekly battle

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5 months ago

Welcome fellow splinterland players to an other Share your battle entry. And for this week it will be the all mighty splinter of Dragons!

For this weeks entry i used the Drake of Arnak summoner. Hope you enjoy!

Drake of Arnak

The Drake of Arnak is a medium-sized Dragon hybrid. He is highly intelligent and extremely rich, but cannot fly nor breathe fire. All his life he has honed his skills as a summoner, hoping to win a share of the glory that should rightfully be his as a carrier of the fire blood. The Drake's trademark is that his monsters are summoned to battle with a thin force field of blue fire, fortifying their defenses. Forms have been filed by the High Council to formally request that the Drake of Arnak hand over his secrets for the good of the united Gloridax, but he will not give up his proprietary magic without a fight. The Drake of Arnak is the Gloridax rival of Daria Dragonscale; the two despise one another.

Tactic for this battle

My tactic for this battle, was to take advantage of the additional shield given by this summoner. So i combined this with the life splinter, because life has the Truthspeaker card, which gained me another +2 defense. By putting this in last position, my hopes where that i would have this additional defense throughout the whole game. Because this was a low mana game, i thought i could make great use of the reach cards that are in the life and dragon splinter cards. By adding a healer, this might be a great combination.

Link to the full battle:

The ruleset of this battle: 

Mana Cap: 20

Splinters: Life, Water & Dragon

Little League: Only monsters and summoner of 4 mana or less

My Team:

Summoner: Drake of Arnak (Buff: +1 Defense)
1st Line: Furious Chicken
2nd Line: Gargoya Scrapper
3rd Line: Twilight Basilisk (Reach)
4th Line:Sunkai Harvester (Reach)
5th Line: Venari Crystalsmith (Tank Heal)
6th Line: Truthspeaker (Protect)

Opponent's Team

Summoner: Bortus (Buff: -1 Magic)
1st Line: Feasting Seaweed (Oppurtunity)
2nd Line: Albatros (Flying)
3rd Line: Tortisian Fighter
4th Line: Hardy Stonefish
5th Line: Kulu Swimhunter
6th Line: Cruel Sethropod

Round 1 & 2

In this round only my Furious chicken and the Feasting Seaweed took damage, leaving them with both on 1 health entering round 2. In round 2 they would both fall, leaving the albatross against my Gargoya Scrapper, and my Twilight Basilisk because of his reach capabilities.

Round 3 & 4

Starting round 3 the albatross would fall, moving the Tortisian Fighter into tank position. In this round the defense of Gargoya scrapper would also be depleted. In round 4, the scrapper falled, moving the Twilight basilisk into tank position, being covered by the Sunkai Harvester. Because this card also has reach, they would both take out the Hardy stonefish, leaving the Kulu, as a ranged monster, useless in tank position.

Round 5 & 6

After only dealing damage in round 5 and defeating the Kulu in round 6, the only thing left to do was defeating my opponents last monster, which would be done by the end of round 8 resulting in a win for me.


The reach cards and the additional defense of the Truthspeaker card made a great combination for a low mana little league game.

I hope you enjoyed my entry for this weeks battle, and hope to see you in the next!

If you want to give splinterlands a try, you are welcome to use my referral link:

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5 months ago
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