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Wanting to write a story

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2 years ago

Since I'm new here and has no idea what article to write might as well write a story

I'm just writing for fun anyway

The title of the story is

"Kingdom of Fools Saferu's Struggle"

Chapter 1 (No title at the moment)

“Can anybody hear me…!”

He was sleeping yet he suddenly woke up only to find himself being alone in his room. He went out alarmed by the eerie silence around him. But he was shocked as everyone he knew suddenly disappeared.

He keeps on shouting hoping to hear some people respond or even a slight bark of a dog or simple meow of a cat would keep him at ease.

But the silence was contiguous and the loudest voice he could hear was the fast beating of his heart. He was scared of the silence but he has no choice but to explore further outside of his own house. He was timid and a coward; such a decision took a lot of courage from him.

“Is anyone out there..!”

He keeps on walking and never stops shouting despite his loud voice slowly fading as if being devoured by an endless silence around him.

He walked then ran then walked again despite such desperate actions he felt strange that he wasn’t tired at all. This sudden discovery gave him another courage to continue to move forward. Despite the emptiness of the surrounding his instinct told him that there was no need to be afraid as he can sense no sign of danger around him.

As he continues to explore the familiar places like the malls and the houses or even the marketplace where he used to hang most of the time. All of them are empty. There was no sign of struggle or any clue that a human was suddenly abducted. The place he searched was all traceless as if the people in it suddenly vanished without a trace.

The day seems endless and he has no idea how much time has passed by and all the running and walking made him arrive at an open intersection which leads outside the city he lives in. He was living a life near  the border of the city as he was very familiar with this place.

After a few struggles he arrived at an intersection where the cross road would end him outside the city and to his surprise he saw two people standing from a far as if the two were blocking the road from him.

They were far away from him and so he can only guess that it was a middle aged man and a young child standing next to each other.He was very happy to see other people and wanted to talk to them of what happened to the rest who suddenly vanished.

He run towards them with the fastest speed his feet could offer and as he went near them he found an odd feeling that he knew who the two people were.

He was dumbfounded as he saw the two people who had the same face as he was despite the age difference.The two people were observing him as he was observing them in silence.

The youngest one suddenly spoke with his childish voice that can attract anyones attention. An angelic voice of a child filled with innocence and curiosity.

“Big brother you have finally come… We can finally show ourselves to you..” (The young child)

The young child who has an appearance of a 6 yrs old was showing a happy face as he spoke but for Him who was listening to it he can’t help but had an eerie feeling that the voice was familiar and it suddenly made him fear it.

“Stop scaring him..” (The middle age man)

The next who spoke was the older person beside the child. His voice carried some authority on it as if one can feel the same way when talking to a person with a high position. Despite that authoritative voice one can also feel that this man has many hidden stories to tell. Yet he felt that the man was also familiar and he had the same feeling that he once felt to the younger child. If words can describe such feelings then he can only say one word and that was “Fear”...

“No... you two… Stay away from me..” 

He ran as fast as he could from them. The farther he was the better as he continued to run. The two people stood and were surprised by his behavior. They watch him run farther and farther from them. They had no intention of chasing him as they knew that they will be meeting again in a not so near future.

“Go away..!” (Saferu)

Saferu shouted as he woke up and cold sweat fell all over his body. The lingering fear he had felt was still present as he remembered seeing the two people who look exactly the same as him. As he inhales and exhales deeply after some time he finally calms down. It was a rather vivid dream and a scary one at it. He looks around and finds himself in a familiar room.

“It was just a dream… but why am I so scared..?”(Saferu)

He felt that it was not an ordinary dream as he can feel deep inside that he met the two somewhere in the past. That meeting was also a turning point of his life yet he can’t remember it no matter how hard he tries. If not for the dream he wouldn't realize that the two were real and he met them in real life. But for where and when he can’t clearly remember and when he tried to force it a sudden painful pain attacked his head.

After he calmed down a little he searched for his phone which was buried somewhere in his bed. Not long he found and directly opened it only to see that it was still very early around 3 am. He was a bit sleepy but  having such a weird and scary nightmare made him hesitate to sleep again so he decided to read some manga on his phone hoping to erase the memory of the dream but before he could click the app he was surprised to see an unfamiliar app showing itself in his game folder. 

[ Kingdom of Fools Online]

He didn’t remember installing such a game before. Although he played kingdom building games before but he was not good at it. The last game he played similar to it was CoC. He thought it was a bug or sort of an advertisement so he clicked it. At this point of time his future self will surely scold him for being reckless but it can’t be helped as the nightmare made his mind numb and was not aware of what he just did.

[ Downloading Kingdom of Fools Online]

[Analyzing Player Saferu]

[Analyze Complete ]

[Welcome to Kingdom of Fools Online Do you which to enter the game (Yes/No)]

He was greatly alarmed of the sudden blue window appearing in front of him. A light blue window with words on it and what was more surprising was that a mechanical voice that suddenly directly talked to his head. Still thinking that it was unreal Saferu click the yes button. It was too late before he realized that something was not right and the phone suddenly shone so bright.

A bright light suddenly engulfed him as it devoured his whole body with a foriegn suction force that came from the phone. Saferu was a timid person faced with the unknown, he was very scared to the point that he passed out. He collapsed before his whole body was sucked by the phone but another thing that Saferu was unaware of was that after his body entered the phone another one appeared from it as a sleeping Saferu peacefully sleeping at the bed while holding his phone with it. From an outsiders point of view nothing happens and everything is alright. Inside the room was just a sleeping person without any abnormality.

[Player Saferu Abnormal status confirmed]

[Player Saferu activated AFK mode]

[Basic Building Program Launch]

[Summoning Hero]

[Hero Successfully Summon]

[Barbarian Princess Crystal (Legend)]

In a large Island Surrounded by a mysterious mist somewhere in it near the shore a huge portal suddenly appeared. The portal grew larger in an instant and from it came a group of gigantic people which was being led by a beautiful young girl. While she was surrounded by this giant which was as tall as two common people combined the girl was not at all scared instead she was well respected despite here being petite in appearance compared to them. The girls fall short from this people's build but not a single one of them looks down on her as one can only see respect and loyalty in their eyes.

“Your Majesty we have finally granted the chance to restore our race glory..”

The one who spoke was an old man whose body was comparable to the character inside the movie called hulk. While his skin was not green but it was all not a normal color as his skin was somewhat silver just like a piece of metal. Not to mention his huge and bulging arm that can easily crush an adult child. One can see the happiness on his face as she gently talks to the little girl at his side.

“Grandpa we must see first the king while the rest of the people settle down and spread to the surrounding… We must also prepare our race so that we can proudly show our race to our king..”

The girl continued to give orders as she dispersed the people and ordered them to start moving. As the game was in afk mode this allowed the race to freely act according to their will. The system had already downloaded the information needed for this race to learn in their new environment and had a 100 percent loyalty to their king. The young girl along with some Giant well trained soldiers went directly to the castle which can be easily seen from where they stand at the shore. It was a huge gigantic western castle commonly found in certain movies. It was also the only building at the moment that can be seen at that place.

The barbarian soldiers who accompany the girl went into various directions inside the castle as if they already knew where they must stand. The young barbarian prince went directly through the throne room along with 6 other people. The barbarian princess was excited to see her king, who was also his husband by default. The system allows the player to refuse the marriage. But the barbarian princess does not mind it. Furthermore she was willing to be a 2nd wife and was eager to win her husband's heart. But when they arrived the throne was empty only a little crown can be seen in an empty chair.

“Where is my husband..?” (Barbarian Princess)

She was surprised but a few seconds later as if the system told her the location and a bright smile appeared at her face. She hurriedly ran away from the throne room and went into the King's chamber. There she found a sleeping person lying in bed. She wasn’t surprised by his weak appearance and she carefully stared at his sleeping face. She can see a childish innocent man sleeping without a care in the world.She wasn't the kind of woman who only seeks strength to her husband but a woman who wants to protect. Seeing the harmless appearance of her king, something deep inside touched her heart as she felt the need to protect such a person.

She has a sweet and gentle voice which contradicts her gigantic muscle body. The voice was not loud but it was enough to awaken the person sleeping at the gigantic king size bed.

Saferu's head hurts so bad. The pain was the result of him suddenly passing out and hit his head in the wall before the phone sucked him in. While it was painful a sudden gentle and sweet voice made him fully awake. He was alarmed as such a voice may sound good but was foriegn to him and it made him remember the nightmare he just had. What made him fear most was that the sound was clearly the voice of a girl which triggered his fear of women. He suddenly jumped and leaped far from the bed but his memory of the bed was a small bed inside his room, not the king size bed where he was currently sleeping as his action was cut short and he found himself buried in a soft mountain of pillows. He saw a huge person setting but because his face was buried he didn’t watch it clearly as he had no idea if it was a man or a woman. His action also greatly startled the women as a voice of concern came from her.

“Husband are you alright..?” 

She took him away from the pillow as she carried him like a prince with her big strong arms. Saferu was slightly stunned as he now saw the face of where the gentle voice came from. It was the face of an Angel. A beautiful girl with a mix of western and eastern appeal. You know who Lisa is? A famous singer and dancer which has millions of fans all over the world. But compared to the girl's face in front of him Lisa's beauty can’t even match it. As he was mesmerized but her face he failed to notice the abnormality of the situation where a boy like him was princess carried by a girl. When the girl decided to put him down only then he realized that the girl in front of her was taller than him. He was only as tall as the girl's shoulder and not only that compared to his petite body he looks like a toothpick standing beside a baseball bat.

The girl in front of him was no different from the body builders that he knows and watches various videos. It was not ugly to look at but instead he felt a sense of art. She was half naked as she was only wearing some simple armor made of animal skins. Yet despite the half nude setting the sexiness it gave was enough for Saferu to have a nosebleed especially the sexy six packs at her stomach.That was what his eyes were telling him. He grew up fearing girls, especially the beautiful and sexy one as he was traumatized by their bullying but the girl in front of him despite her abnormal look has the face of an Angel. Such a contradiction would make a normal person vomit but Saferu was different as he felt something deep inside his heart as it continued to beat faster.

“Who are you..? And Where I am..?”

Saferu replied as his voice had a mix of confusion and doubt but when he saw the smile of the girl in front of him all of it was blown away and the only thing inside his head was..”Who cares..”

“Husband.. I am the Barbarian Princess Crystal.. I devote myself to serve you my love for eternity..” (Crystal)

The gigantic girl knelled as a sign of showing her loyalty and love to her husband and also her King.

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2 years ago
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Quite a long read but that was a very interesting story. Will you continue it?

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2 years ago

Yes if it's allowed and if I have some time..

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2 years ago

Of course it's allowed! Just maybe cut it into parts that won't overwhelm your readers but it's good

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2 years ago

I guess around a thousand words then thanks for reading btw

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2 years ago

Maybe 500... 1000 is still a bit overwhelming

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2 years ago