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1 year ago
Topics: Thoughts

I have been using for the past months and surprisingly manage to get daily tips from friendly users.

While there so many ups and down at that place.

People still enjoy simple conversation like

Good Morning..

How's your day..

and so on..

The community are surprisingly growing with lots of different quirks to enjoy

Games, Riddles and puzzles are one way to accommodate the thousands of users.

Lots of picture posts from nature to the sky

From a simple ordinary food from a 5 star hotel presentation

Lot's of shouts that expresses the daily needs of attention.

From simple laughter to extreme sadness

Nevertheless it was an interesting experience where you can post for fun

So many generous people that expresses their support from a simple drop of heart.

As my subscriptions increase daily it was also the same for me to get to know some users who never fail to greet me each passing day.

And now I'm back here.

Was it to late for me to try this site?

Seeing how good was I suddenly become interested here..

The sad part is I tried this 6 months ago and forgotten about this..

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