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1 year ago


A few days ago I noticed that many fellow users from have been posting for referrals about and it got me thinking about returning from that platform…

(Let's be active for the new generation)

My account is

I myself have stopped using for a few months due to some personal issue..

(Dropping out are a common thing for a random netizen like me)

I spent a few months in the hospital due to my mother's illness..

(I might write a separate story about this one)

First you need to subscribe to this person…

(I wonder if I break the rules advertising this guy)

But following this user brings you a lot of benefits…

Let us first familiarise ourselves on the rules

  • No begging for tips or subscriptions

  • "Tip me!", "Subscribe to subscribe" (begging for subscriptions), "Tip to tip", "I have not received FreeTips in 2 days, please check my account"

  • No erotic or porn content

  • Nudes or very suggestive. No asking for nudes/erotic either.

  • No obviously illegal content

  • Hacks, cracks, obvious scams

  • Stay polite!

  • No insults, name-calling, etc...

  • No content intended to disgust users

  • No extremism, calls to violence or glorification of violence

Nobody is perfect even if they sometimes break some rules without knowing so just be careful as much as possible..

The rules often confused me as I am not the smart person to begin with..

Like no erotic content but does a girls in a bikini concider erotic or a guy wearing only shorts showing off his body can also be considered erotic?

As long as it's not an obvious scam can it be posted? I have been seeing a lot of posts asking to register this and register that and most of them are technically scammers.

Actually you would only know that you break the rule only when you get a warning..

(I got it once and it's so embarrassing)

Other useful post you must read from

(It has been like 4 or 5 months since I stop using so many things have changed and I am trying to familiarise myself to it again)

how to avoid being marked as spam?

Dear users from the Philippines

Some clarifications about ❤-tips

We have changed the way we give out FreeTips today

Three months ago we have launched

I must have missed some decent post so you can just explore profile..

Another thing is that some people are advertising as an article to earn a platform which is wrong and misleading…

If you write an article the system might consider it a spam if it has a similar one…

Here is some advice: actually has an article writing platform where you can earn by writing an article and even by just giving a comment you can earn something from it..

Then you can advertise your articles at killing two birds with one stone…

I'm not sure if my account is still active or what as they said if your account is marked as spam by the system you can no longer use it..

(It is a rumours for spammers to behave)

I hope in the future they added a feature on it in the future to atleast make old users like me aware if my account is still alright..

But since I can still post and log in normally I think it's still safe…

Right now I only have my 4yrs old phone and it's very hard to write an article on it..

I am left nursing my mother back to health..

And it is far from my own place where my old computer rests so I can barely do anything..

Wish me luck so that my mother can return to normal from her illness of stroke due to diabetes..

I want to add some tips which I also just learned awhile ago

(as what I said I stop making some noise for 4 months and just returned to welcome some fresh blood)


If you feel writing an article do it here not in not only is it annoying to read long post you might get mark spam..


Always use a hash tag "#" on your post multiple hash tag will put your post to different channel..

Putting a hashtag is like making a small circle of friends where you can communicate with each other so make it a post daily habit..

For new user from Phcorner you can put "#Phcorner" on your every post so other Phcorner user knows who you are..


Don't be discourage so easily you can explore and comment to interact to different people which will be a potential followers for you if you guys or on the same mindset..


The benefits you get from Reading and commenting other post is that if your comments are will like and love you can also get a tip from it...


The tip you get from being given a heart on your post or comments are completely random...

Some gets tips by having 1 heart others only received after a 100 hearts...

So don't be discourage and just patiently wait...


Giving a heart to every post or comment you read can trigger a tip randomly...

The good news is when you trigger a tip that user will be notified and knows who you are...

The bad news is if that user is ungrateful he/she will just ignore your presense and won't even say a simple thank you...

But hey we are giving hearts not for the tips but just want to share some love...

I often trigger tips when I heart a post or comment and everytime that happens I can't help but smile and think "what a lucky guy.."

I don't expect to be sub or be thank back we don't need to do that just be content that you had help someone..

Don't be disappointed if your love isn't return back because in real life that's normal...

(Let's not be to emotional here..)

If your heart triggers a tip and you smile that's enough of a reward and the heart you gave is worth it...

I am still exploring and need to discover more will add more tips later..

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1 year ago
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Ikaw pala si Bakabaka! Good points right there, kapatid!

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1 year ago

Salamat po sa support boss Taga Phcorner po kayo?

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1 year ago

You're welcome! Hindi po 🙂

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1 year ago

Ahh ok Try niyo tumambay sa andun kadalasan mga pinoy tumatambay

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1 year ago