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GAMEE (review)

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1 year ago
Topics: Money

So what's a GAMEE?

First it claim base on my observation that it is where you play games to earn real money..

Yet that's not how it is when you tried playing it..

In fact you can only earn the so called "Tickets" every time you play any games in it..

What is this so called "Tickets"?

This tickets are use to raffle every week that gave you a chance to win a huge amount of 500$..

At first glance that sounds amazing but is it really real?

How do we know if someone really wins?

I guess unless we won our self we will never find the true answer..

Another way of earning money is through spinning the lucky wheel..

This lucky wheel gave you a chance to win up to 1$ that I feel is impossible to happen..

As you can expect every time you spin the lucky wheel you only often get tickets almost all of the time..

Yet at the 7th day of consecutive log in you are given a chance to spin an all money prize wheel where the money range from .1$ up to 10$..

Sadly as I already expected it after I tried it you can only get .1$ most of the time..

While I can't complain how unlucky my experience is in it..

I did learn from the person who refer to me this that she already obtain a pay check from it through Paypal..

The minimum amount you can withdraw is 10$ and she claimed that she did it in just two weeks..

That certainly is unbelievable if I base it on my experience..

That's how lucky she was compared to me trying it for almost a month now and so far I only claimed a tiny bit amount of 3$ which is 7$ short from 10$..

While it such a disappointing experience but when it comes to their game its kind of fun playing some of it..

If your particularly bored and had nothing to do then why not try it?

You can register at the link above for more details..

Have fun playing..

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1 year ago
Topics: Money
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1 year ago