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What it is like to Study in the Middle of a Pandemic?

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1 year ago

This online class set-up started because of the global pandemic-- the COVID-19. Classes from the school year 2019-2020 was suspended due to the threat of this virus. The government was later forced to implement a nationwide lockdown that started between March 27-May 31, 2020. It was announced after two days when the Metro Manila was placed under "Community Quarantine" that was ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte.

It was reported that over 3 million students didn't enroll for this school year. Most of the identified reasons were lack of devices and some chose to stop to work.

My thoughts when I first heard about the Implementation of Online Class.

  • Not everyone is privileged to attend online class.

  • Am I really going to learn?

  • Is it going to be effective?

  • How will it affect my learning as a med student?

Since the lockdown started, I wasn't able to spend my energy. I didn't know what to do with my extra energy. I was bored.

All those excessive energy ruined my sleeping pattern. I wasn't able to sleep early. The usual time I would sleep is at around 4 o'clock in the morning and the most late that I've slept was around 7 o'clock. It got worse from time to time. My sleeping pattern got me worried for the upcoming resume of classes.

The start of School Year 2020-2021

Waking up early was a challenge for me. During the first semester I had a 7 am class. Like most of the students, I would fall asleep during class. And sometimes I would wake up and be surprised that I was the only one left in the meeting.

Learning through online class was so hard for me as a med student. I couldn't absorb the information that was taught by my professor.

Days went by and here comes our first assessment. My friends and I were so worried about what will be on the exam. I studied all the modules that were given until midnight. The test was 80 items and I got half of it, 41 to be exact. Was I happy? No, the passing score is 75% of the exam. At that time I was already telling myself to quit school because I wasn't learning.

My friend Sarah was already planning to stop studying because she was the one that was really having trouble with this set-up. I mean most of us.

The unexpected happened, typhoons hit our place. 3 consecutive typhoons to be exact. Because of that, the electricity lines were down. We suffered from months of no electricity. Online classes were suspended that time and the first sem was pushed to finish. Backlogs were piling up that caused so much stress for all of us.

The struggles of online class didn't just stop. I really felt that I was going to fail one of my subjects. The scores that I got on that subject didn't pass. Fortunately, my professor gave us a removal exam. And for the most frustrating part is, I didn't pass the exam, again. Thankfully, the project was a huge impact on my grade.

I almost failed. The lowest passing average is 3.0 .

Me: Good morning, Doc. I would just like to know my grade in your subject.

Him: 2.9 .

Me: Alright Doc. Thank you!

My prof messaged us on our chat group and said that there were 10 students who failed the subject. At that moment I was already so worried. I immediately asked him what was my grade. To my relief when I saw my grade, it was a piece of hope. I learned something from that experience, to not lose hope and also to not be complacent.

Second Semester of S.Y. 2020-2021

It was a never ending rat-race. The cycle kept going on.

This sem, I applied what I experienced and learned about my struggles in the first sem. I strived hard and accomplished activities before the due dates.

Several professors didn't teach us. Since it was based on Synchronous and Asynchronous learning.

I had lazy profs that they wouldn't even make learning resources of their own, they would just get from Google and expect us that we would learn all by ourselves. It affected my learning. Those times I was thinking, " If they can't give efforts in their teaching. Then, I won't even make an effort to read the modules."

Now, the semester is going to end for me in a few days. I am bound to take an exam on Tuesday. From that day, I would enjoy my "School break".

Author's message:

I know this learning set-up wasn't easy for all of us-- both educators and students. If you need to rest, then take time for it.

Wishing well all of the students who dropped out of school because of this pandemic. I

Let us continue to pray for the souls of the educators and students who took their own lives that are already with the Almighty God.

May we continue to take precautionary measures for this global pandemic to end.

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Written by   121
1 year ago
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