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Was God right to have left the tree of the knowledge of bad & evil knowing mankind's imperfections?

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9 months ago

The day is ever bright and would always continue to be so, therefore, happy are you when you see the new dawn break and you are well ushered into it from life unto life, what a privilege we have as regards that.

Today, we shall be looking into some of those things that have become a subject of debate as regards God's creations and mankind's sudden drift away from the part ways of righteousness.

"In the beginning we were told that God created the world which was without form that later became the world we all live in today and as a matter of fact, became the world that gave impetus to all manners of evils we suffer in life today like death, sickness, old age, pains, crimes, injustice, murder and many other injurious things as may never have being seen before.

Behold, those things we suffer today never came by chance especially when we reflect our minds back to the original purpose of God when making the earth and we humans which is to be happy and fill the earth and have in subjection, every living things in it, from the crawling ones to the flying ones.

Unfortunately, situations took a twist as those original purpose of God was brought to nothing given mankind's disobedience which never came ordinary but as a result of the disobedience and pride that was shown by one of God's angelic sons who was called Satan the devil in his rebelliousness to God and potential drag of rival and position with the more st high.

So we were told according to the scriptures that; ...death entered into the world through sin,...

More so, scientifically, it has been a proven fact that with the make up of we humans and how sophisticated we were made, we should at no time have no reason to die as our bodies were structured or made in such a way that they perfect and compliment each other in the most desired aspect that even the best of sciences cannot explain.

God made them man and woman and for that reason he said to the first man - Adam, for this, a man will leave his father and mother and must stick to his wife,...

That saying did bring about what we know today as a woman which was after God had made Adam fallen deeply at sleep and then he decided to take just a single rib out of the too many ribs in his body and formed the woman who he brought to Adam as his wife and that woman was to be called - Eve.

Life was so sweet for these pair of couple as they had all they wished for and lived freely without fear or favour until they day they disobeyed the true God who had already instructed them never to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil with a positive death, sufferings as the penalty for disobeying such lovely guidance.

They eventually ate from that tree which culminated in the problems we are now faced with today like, death, pains, crimes and many more.

That ugly situation did leave we humans where we find ourselves today as the crime in the world today is deeply becoming a bigger issue rather than a solvable issues.

Today, we do hear of wars, terrorism, murder of all sorts, suicides, lies in government, insecurity of lives and properties, banditry and many more other vices in the world, and all these things can be said to be the handiwork of the devil which man accepted right from the onset despite God's divine warnings that fell on deaf ears hence, the mouthwatering and unending problems we do have today.

However, taking a deep look and thought as regards what things that transpired back then in the garden of eden and how Adam and Eve decided to handle it, one may conclude that mankind was wrong and as such, should be held accountable for their actions of losing such a perfect life free from all the above mentioned problems, while to some, God was to be blamed for mankind's sudden problems after losing such a perfect life and what are their reasons for holding God responsible, they will say, "why would he allow the tree of the knowledge of good and evil be in a garden of eden without hiding it away from man's sight while knowing the consequences of such actions on the part of mankind if he disobeys".

Whether or not we like it or not and whether we think that God is to be blamed for leaving out the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of eden or not, the truth of the matter remains that we as humans were given a perfect life that was free from sin just as God himself isn't it?

Since that is the case, then it would be right to say that mankind did choose the path he wants to toe by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil even when they had been warned against doing so.

Then also, it should equally be seen that mankind was created with a free will, that is the ability to make his own decisions without being remotely controlled with a device in order to perform the wish of his maker and God, so why blame God?

Lastly, may it never be forgotten that what we are talking about here is a question of disobedience and from all indications, mankind disobeyed their grand creator which resulted in such a hefty punishment and if you compare the issues of disobedience in the real life situations today with what Adam and Eve did against their creator, then it will be dawn on you in seeing that disobedience can lead us into a lot of problems.

Imagine a subordinate in the office settings who disobeys his superior's instructions to carryout a certain wish or task, what do you think would be left off the subordinate when his master understands he had disobeys his directives, he may face some sanctions or perhaps, the sack regarding the level of the disobedience and crime committed.

Therefore, if we carefully look into all of these, then it becomes very much certain that God can never be blamed for mankind's misfortunes in life after all, what he offered was a good life which he unselfishly does not want to enjoy alone and that great and lovely and an unmatched sweet wish of his has now being termed as a reason for mankind's unending problems though that is the argument of some not many persons for he has promised, " I shall swallow up death forever and his tent will be with us mankind and he will be our God and we, his people", that sounds like a wonderful prospect isn't it? Yes indeed, so why blame him for our misfortunes in life?

Therefore, since we are humans and are still alive in this very mortal world, may we use that as an opportunity to make ourselves, the good and the perfect will of God and quit blaming God for our misfortunes in life for we shall be judged each one according to his deeds here on earth.

Hope you have learnt something new today from this article and if yes is your answer, then, permit me to ask you, what have you learnt?

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Written by   49
9 months ago
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Well I don't know but he has already made a provision in the form of Jesus. It is just for us to believe and be saved.

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9 months ago

in as much as I really don't like talking religion but I think God have always had a plan and that why he created what he did create whether of evil or good. This is not because he wanted man to fall but to help man learn and become humble through those lessons.

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9 months ago

From the onset, God created man with to l I live a free life, a life that can be controlled by man and man alone. That's why He gave us freedom to choice. Well, what happened in the Eden wasn't God's fault at all, Adam and Eve could not control the realm of decision and they disobeyed God. Even though they were convinced to eat the fruit, the commandment of God was still ringing in their heart but they blindly ignored and followed the other way

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9 months ago