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The BCH is in a snail movement at the moment.

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10 months ago

When we make such utterances as Snail movement, what occurs in one's mind is the physical snail we see everyday around our surroundings and most times in the subways and if that has been your mindset, then accept it is that you are 100% right but I tell you today that hence the physical snail is known for some characterized features, it goes therefore to say that these features could as well be likened to mean or represent some of the things we do see about life in these our modern times.

We all find ourselves in the midst of a world that is filled up by the electronic money system where buying, selling and the carriage of huge sums of money is done in a single enclosure called a phone that are most of the time decentralized and void of all manners of incessant governmental and other financial institutions interferences and theft by some men of the underworld. I see this period as the period of the real cashless where money is not expected to change hands physically.

We could hardly hide our feelings about this very wonderful prospect of having a world that gave us the expectations of the new age and happily, most of us who had the funds and the real investment minds took the risks and made what I felt was the right investment and today, are having a full scale of their investment returning to them as several millions of dollars as fiat in their pockets.

We were happy as these crypto system periods made a lot of us to break free from all forms of financial trap by helping to redefine our financial priorities for the better but as the situation became a more and more acceptable one given our huge financial gains that were capitalized by huge price surge, especially as at the time when the BCH, BTC and other tokens rose to an astonishing $1,700, $70,000 per dollar and many more, little did we know that the danger ahead was quite imminent and quite huge as we would have hardly taught of it.

There was so much aligned confidence in the cryptosystem with a massive and mass adoption of it being the only song in the tip of the lip of everyone who wants to do the crypto business.

Those happy moments would then go on to be a soured one as these massive and mass adoption and inclusion of the cryptos in even our financial systems all over the world would become a nightmare for all those especially, the large firms that have began using them as their only means of doing business and its related activities.

These period of just last year 2021 did notice a show of shame and those of propaganda by the government and their agencies who are often called the bad actors that were charged with the responsibility to create a financial panic around the crypto systems in order to remove it from the financial systems and discourage its mass and massive adoption that was at that time, more than widely accepted as even a means of making payments and that are seen by a hosts of a mass and massive rejections of these cryptos just the same way they were fully adopted in full and till date, that recovery is really a difficult mountain to climb given the high rate of a snail movement that are hitherto seen about the cryptos in general. Huge shares were lost and capitalization was dropped for a mere monetization based on the things seen that business men and women and firms all over the world feel they can see and have some huge trust in and actually do business in like manner.

Going back to the snail effect that has rocked the BCH and other cryptos in most recent times.

The snail effect as I've said of it in the subheading is that point in time when the increase in certain goods would be done on a very slow pace and just like an exhausted person in a race dragging his feet while he tries to keep pace with the other racers in the same race, so also is the snail effect is on the cryptosystem and have fallen hugely on our crypto systems hurtfully.

The snail signifies a very slow animal that takes time to reach its destination and to some persons especially of the Sub-saharan African societies, it is often seen as a representation of bad luck and a slowness in one's financial progress overtime

which has indeed made this very lovely and unique animal turned out to be a more rejected animal even at its mention not to talk of setting eyes on it.

To analyse,

Looking at the crypto market chart of the last four to five days, one can deduce that such statements of slowness is a definite truism especially on the part of our own BCH that keeps doing the 2.1%, 3.67%, the 8.32% in increment and then down again by some 0.22% to the last 0.67% as the fluctuations keeps brimming quite constantly.

This unfortunate situation is still leaving many asking too many questions regarding the rationale behind a future increase as was promised by the crypto traders and top financial advisers.

What truly is the way forward for especially the BCH, a slump or a boom?

For me, I see not just a boom, but a massive boom in the future I think is already here with us.

What about you, what is your take on the crypto world with a special reference to the BCH?

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Written by   49
10 months ago
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When BCH went down from $500 to $300, I thought by now it would have risen to $600 or $700. But it kept surprising us, and a a point it was pinned down at $270. Thank it's comming up Gradually

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10 months ago

I've always monitored the status or trends of the BCH from time to time. Yes you're true that it seems like a snail movement for I don't know the reason. But I am patiently hoping that it will be good for this coming months.

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10 months ago