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Remembering the day our eyes bled blood in Nigeria.

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7 months ago

Good morning dear great platform users, it's yet another great morning of possibilities and opportunities and I hope you all grab it with open arms.

Today, I want yo bring to your notice, the unfortunate event that happened sometime in history here in Nigeria when our eyes bled blood amidst other worrisome moments but for the sweet purpose of time especially as I am writing this pieces of an article while weeping very profusely, I'd like to tell us just this very heart disturbing one that has stuck in our memories and kept being right there even for many more years to come.

It was on a fateful day of June 3rd 2012, a dirty rickety and unserviced 40yr old aircraft by the name, Dana air lost control and crash landed on a building in the locality where I live killing all the passengers in it and all the occupants of the building it crashed on.

The trouble began when the pilot of a Boeing 747 local carrier lost control of the airways which according to the Nigerian airspace management agency (Nama) was a fault of the airline service producer by the name Dana air but for all we know and according to record and eyewitness account said the irregularities in the government agency alongside their colleagues in the airspace management, the Nigerian Aviation Authority ensured that accident was not avoided for what it saw was an act of a poor management in ensuring our airways are safe and devoid of unsafe flights flying eventually

Now the annoying thing in our minds is how on earth would a government that claims it cares for the lives of her citizens through its established agencies allow such unsafe haven on our airways with a resultant effect of wasting our lives and those of our loved ones as well.

Tears could not stop rolling down my cheek as I saw many children, the aged ones and the handicapped ones all burnt down to ashes in the inferno that had happened due to that crash as a witness of the unfortunate incident.

The funniest aspect of it is that the flight had crashed landed on the said residential building and had been on it for almost forty five good minutes (45minutes) without any form of a rescue mission to help save lives either by the government rescue mission agencies or so and eventually, the unbelievable and most expected happened as the aircraft exploded leaving scores of persons inside the aircraft and the building it crashed on dead.

Right from that day till this very day, I've remained in so much shock over that particular incidence especially as lives would have been saved were it to be that we had had a functional political system that really cares.

It hurts on that day to see dead persons especially kids as their bodies were torn into shreds of a scattered pieces of meats and I just couldn't hold my frustration at that ugly sight given how I almost wept out heart from its sitting position.

The pain in my heart could not even allow me to write this article yesterday being the main day it happened, but only warranted me to write it today instead of yesterday but the good thing is this, a monument has been built in their behalves as a remembrance for them as heroes of the great nation Nigeria who unfortunately lost their lives in such a cruel, unexpected way and that remembrance day is called "The Iju Ishaga memorial arcade", which seems to honour all those who lost their lives in the Dana air crash on the 3rd of June 2012 at Iju Ishaga Lagos state Nigeria as can be seen from the picture below.

It would for every good reason be a welcome development if you join me today in sending your condolences to the families of these departed souls who were forced to endure pains at the cold hands of death for their loved ones.

Now, the government has decided to take over the destroyed building from its original and then began using it for a remembrance monument for them of which day I do personally go there and do some cleaning of the place so that it would always appear very neat and note, my action as regards cleaning the place is purely based on a volunteer work and not a paid job as I'm largely and hugely concerned about how the families of these departed loved ones will feel whenever it is that fateful day called June 3rd, 2022.

May God bless you all as you join me in praying for these ones today thanks.

The below picture is the names of all those who lost their lives in the unfortunate air crash.

God bless Nigeria, God bless the entire world!

Image source: photos taken by me with my phone.

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Written by   49
7 months ago
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