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Reasons why most men won't ever value women in a marriage

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6 months ago

Life has made it in such a way that we are either a man or a woman and as such, we all do have the eternal urge, the hunger drive to engage in a relationship either for some benefits or for some naturally selected forms of infatuations that comes from the lust we may have developed over time for the opposite sexes or the real feelings of love we may have for them.

The above said is true of we humans be you a man or a woman but the big question is, hence it's a good feeling to fall in love, do we really have the right mental attitude expected for us to remain in love and maintain our balanced cohabitation? If yes is your answer, then I tell you, that you may not have known much yet regarding the issues of love as I will open our eyes to quite a lot of issues relating to why many a man won't ever value women in an either marriage/dating relationship.

The act of telling lies in a relationship

Most girls that fall under their the age bracket of a dating relationship believe so much in lies telling as their only key strategic way of making their man whom they are in a relationship with to start seeing them as real friends capable of putting their trust in. This act is very dangerous even though most men still manages to fall prey to this antics but I bet you, hardly would such men who have been victimized in such a gruesome act of lies telling ever take such a girl for serious and for anything good and worthy of consideration for a real relationship.

The greedy and insatiable life style of women.

Before a marriage relationship, most women would have unfortunately sold their pride out to the sorry sight of men all because of greed and this is most notably seen when a man who appears to be in a relationship with a girl decides to take her out for a shopping and some get together gathering, the most unfortunate results have been that such women out of greed would selfishly bring together with themselves, their fellow female friends in order to come and help the man who had made such an outing possible to a squander of his money even without his due permission.

The most painful aspect of it is that if the outing results in a shopping, the girl in question would want to cease every opportunity of buying more than enough for herself to an extent that it becomes at the expense of the man spending the cash. Mind you, he may yet get at you in your marriage after you(the girl) may have forgotten all that she had done to the man by having the feelings that it's just one of those smartest aspects of ladies that happen in life.

The negative side of women in a man's demand for sex.

This is undoubtedly the most crucial and to some, most important aspect of a relationship but most women who have previously found themselves in a relationship with a man thinks it's with the use of sex that they could punish a man and as such get all that they had wished to get for themselves from the man before they sexual intercourse can then go on or happen between them and their boy friends. This idea is very wrong as no man wants this to happen in a relationship they are involved in. Mind you, this leaves a very bad omen in the heart of a man who may want to punish the said girl who had suffered them negatively sex wise. The usual believe by most men is that such women would always turn them down at their request for sex in their marriage relationship and would from then on, keep his sexual urge and satisfaction outside his matrimonial home.

A lack of management acumen.

Women generally are known for their extravagant nature just as men are generally known for their polygamous nature and as such, they lack all the necessarily important measures to striking a balance in all that they do especially in their spending habits and this comes on the backdrop that they usually have the feelings that those working hard to raise all that they end up wasting in a relationship are the men and as such, they spend it recklessly without any form of a remorse at all. There's a local adage that says, "Cut the meat, cut the meat, is it not from the cow's body?"

Yes, whether we like it or not, women are just like the above quoted expression that shows that they are free to spend a man's hard earned money recklessly irrespective of how the money is made as they are not the specie that works that hard or put in that extra effort in making such money for which they are wasting.

Any girl found wanting in this situation may yet be awaited for herself, the wrath of the same man whom they have dealt with in such form in a marriage as the man's thought would be that of the fact that she would not be able to handle his finances aright at home as his wife given her inabilities to handle them while they were still dating.


This like the other mentioned ones is also a very huge problem encountered in a dating/marriage relationship and this is so because when a women begins to show this very lazy attitude of not properly tidying up his environment where she lives in a dating relationship, it will put that lack of trust in the mind of her man in a marriage over her credibility in keeping his home clean at all times and this will surely make the husband not to have a full trust of his wife which is trouble bound.

Being an unsupportive lady.

Life is made in such a way that when the right hand hits the left hand, then the left hand will also do the same to the right hand if the equation must be balanced, this is an undeniably true food for thought for all for even God's holy word, the bible says and I quote: " the woman is a helper to the man ..." What we do make of this is quite simple but in most relationships of now our days, the men are entirely left to make provisions for virtually everything needed for living starting from household things to others and hence a lady isn't that useful and supportive to the man during their courting days before marriage, never doubt the man's chances of remembering such ugly trait and potentially using it against the woman in a marriage relationship.

Not giving him much of your time.

In a dating or counting relationship, we discover that most ladies find it very difficult to give their much time to their dates while citing many unreasonable reasons that purge the ears like "I'm very busy at work, sch or with my business, e.t.c.

when such becomes the case in a dating or courting relationship, then the aftermath result is that the lady ends up being at the receiving end of it all in a marriage as the man would want to make her understand that he's too busy to ever give her his attention as a result of some issues like; "being so busy with series of meetings at the office, with some colleagues at work, fellow chief executive officers and many more". This is just a similar method which the lady had used on him while they were both dating or courting in their relationship days before their marriage.

Behold, there many more reasons why some marriages fail and why most men won't ever value their wives in marriages, even though I stand to condemn all of that but the actual truth remains that our ladies should learn to cut down on their own excesses regarding how they treat their male counterparts in a relationship before it ends up in a marriage in order to avoid the had I know cry that would indeed spell a lot of disaster if lessons are not learnt in the end, good evening and do have a pleasant night.

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Written by   49
6 months ago
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A good point to ponder esp for marrying people. Jesus have said it that in the beginning there was no such thing as "Divorce or marriage separation" and this is the original design that He's been looking for from His believers. Only it was allowed then in Moises time because the earlier Israel were hard headed and worshipped idols and other gods so He allowed it in that time.

In ours, in Christ is not so. We go back in the original design which is blessed and His will.

Wives must honor and respect thy husband. Husband must love thy wife like Christ who laid down His life for His bride.

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6 months ago