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Correction or empowerment centre, which one is right?

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10 months ago

The world is fairly becoming a globalized village where every means of doing things that were once done manually are now done electronically and hence that's the case, everyone is striving very hard to flow with the ties and trend of events.

Sadly though, most nations of the world have not been able to accept this generally and more advanced methods of running their state affairs with the possibility of helping their citizens live above some certain unwanted problems like; poverty, having access to good and well meaning life, food, good education and so many of them.

These issues are fast becoming a big problem in terms finding the right balance in establishing a real and genuine ways of sorting out such issues that are still very much elusive owning to too many issues like a poor management acumen, lack of care and too many unwanted ways with crime as the end result which seems like a more teething problems that we've ever heard or seen before in life.

Regrettably, many youths of now our days have actually imbibed those vices as if it is the main cultural beliefs and a generally accepted ways of living a life which most certainly has continued to have an adverse effect on their host nations and even the society at large

Measures have be put in place in order to arrest such issues and bring every unwanted issues to bare but each time these supposed efforts are made given the proclamation of the government, the problems keep on waxing ever stronger than even before which has raised the question of what then should be the best possible ways out of these whole problems.

Europe, the North Americans and some other parts of Asia and their likes have been able to implore all reasonable and well meaning standards and approached to solving these problems which undoubtedly has noticed a reasonable amount of a genuine progress on their citizens which is really a good thing to do and actually be boastful about.

These series of care and a genuine interest of the Western world, the Eastern world on their citizens has been able to prove as the main determinant for which their successes have been actualized and the issues reduced to their nearest minimal.

In such countries of the western world, you can see all manners of government establishments and securities with which are used to giving the people of the country a proper standing in the order of arrangements worldwide.

However, comparing such motives, aspirations, and genuine critical applications on the part of the government of the western world, I'd like you to consider too Africa

the part of the world where I hail from, what you see are issues like the whole reduced above said or mentioned problems which the western world governments have been able to solve and brought or reduced to their barest minimal becoming ever more and more as if it is like the normal situations of life which has indeed formed the main basis for which the African inherent problems have really gone above limits which are argued to be mainly a government induced problems while to some other persons, they are personally induced problems.

The youths have been imprisoned as the only ways of solving their absolutely none crime free lives which the government cannot claim to be innocent of this their induced problems on her citizens.

While the continents of Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and some other few developed nations have been able to solve their own socioeconomic, political, educational and many other problems using a strong technical approach, the nations of Africa where I hail from, seem somewhat very indifferent from these successful approaches that seemed to have worked some wonders for their people by establishing the following as a means of solving these issues:

  1. The correction centers rather than the rebuild centres?

  1. The Iron hand approach rather than the diplomatic measures and means of solving issues.

and too many of them.

Whether or not we are moving on the right, it only remains to be seen if the world and African leaders could look into these problems and try to device various ways and means of giving a proper engagement if we must achieve a better society at least one that is an assured guarantee for a better life in view.

What can you make out of this, Should it be correction centers rather than empowerment establishments?

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Written by   49
10 months ago
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for me, it should be a mix of both. There should be empowerment centers in those correctional facilities. Every societal problems are unique and it can be best handled according to the cultural orientation of the people. We have seen how excellent solution in one clime fail to bring the same result in another clime. Solutions have to be localized to bring the desired change and it this case development and crime control should go according to the cultural and socio economic challenge bedeviling the people of a particular region and improvement should be along that path.

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10 months ago

Wow! What a super comment this is. You've said it all and I have learnt something from what you said here regarding the socio economic challenge that leads off to crime. Thanks a lot dear friend so this sweet comment

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9 months ago