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Behold! Here are the five things that have improved me in life.

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8 months ago

Everyone has a real defining moment about them in this life and it could be the wealth we command, the cars we own, the houses we own and live in, the food we eat, the school we attended or perhaps, the country where we hail from could all culminate into what that may be our real source of happiness but as for me, I'm more than very happiness personified that these key moments below have really made me that special person I'd like to be and had always wished for myself and they are:

A. My improved blogging experience.

Without any iota of doubt, those who know me have really seen the fact that I've been able to increase the experiences I've been able to gather over time with the way I write of which a lot of persons have in one way or the other, congratulated me on this beautiful and amiable aspect of me that seems to be increasing my joy on a daily basis.

B. The platform

This platform for sure has really helped us out in many ways of which my first point being the blogging experience I've gathered overtime. The truth is there to be seen of me as my style of writing initially has really increased beyond all reasonable doubt and the reason why it is so is that this platform accords us that opportunity to write everyday, make useful comments and are usually taught and corrected by other members that are higher than us after in terms of their many years of experience blogging and the joy they've been able to get doing so.

C. My earning ability.

Before now, I only heard about the crypto currencies without having any real touch and hold on anyone but as time went on, I began learning some deep things in this aspect of a new kind of system recently introduced to us.

The honest truth is that I was a bit more naive during this period of which I could have adopted it quite easily and early enough but I was afraid it would turn out to become another set of a ponzi trap when we all lost almost all our fortunes trying to double up with the amounts in our various bank accounts. I was a victim of such ponzi scheme and scam but all thanks to God, mine wasn't that announced as the others who lost several millions of dollars in this scam project called the ponzi but having come in contact with some well meaning individuals especially my friend @Sammy

who introduced me to and the cryptosystem, it would have been very very difficult for me to begin my crypto journey here to the extent that within the space of time, my value in BCH now amounts to an impressive $113 across only four months of writing and commenting. That's quite unbelievably surprising to have amassed such an amount in bch.

D. My contact with friends from the other side of the world.

I can ever remain very happy that I've been able to have made a lot of friends ever since I started my crypto journey and that has helped improve my general life style and it's a thing I so much so appreciate a lot and would always live in a memory of.

E. My article reaching more than 500 views wow!

This yet another big that seems to have got me at that positive aspect of me.

It was just yesterday when I decided to view what's on my notification and was so surprised to notice that I have been congratulated for reaching a 500 views and that for me is like a mile stone and yet again, another giant stride/step taken by me in order to show my worth, potentials and my value inputs overtime as well.

Take it or leave it, my hard work and a combined efforts of grace that comes from the almighty alone plus your(you members) undivided, uninterrupted, unimaginable and unalloyed supports that took me to this height I consider as the greater height.

All I could say is thank you, thank you all its members for your supports.

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Written by   49
8 months ago
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