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Be determined and believe in yourself and what you do and what you can do.

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8 months ago

The weather seems quite cool and a little more breezy this early morning from the heavy downpour of rain here in Lagos state Nigeria yesterday and it requires that I take a cup of coffee to ensure I stay warm and fit enough for today's job as usual.

No doubts we all had great nights as I presumably believe and also wish that today would surely promise to be an entire great day ahead of us if we ever manage to put the right things in place.

determination is the act of believing in what is worthwhile for us and putting all our energies and efforts in line in order to achieve that feat.

Determination however, comes with a lot of believe, the hunger drive towards surmounting a far too many difficult tasks which requires that we maintain all the necessary qualities that are duly expected of us in winning the fight to stay with the things we love and then achieve them in a swift even without any notable iota of doubts whatsoever.

Determination most times comes with a lot of passion in establishing the things we feel we know how to do best and then working hard towards actualizing our aim and redirecting them to success should it be that such motives were not redirected initially as it were.

Determination as the case may be, also means hard work as though, all we do in life is seriously and sternly poised and positioned on how hard we work to achieve them.

Haven said just a few of what that constitutes determination, it therefore becomes as a pressing need for us now focus our undivided attention on what situation it was that led us to this drive for a discussion on determination that is accompanied by the success that comes with it and you may be wondering what that is hmmmn..!

The world of football is a beautiful world of its own that is capable of making situations work in such a way that it would always continue to be an attraction to the beautiful game not to even talk about the so much amount of money the game is capable of wielding and putting in its players pockets, that is, those that grace the beautiful game with their lovely presence and sublime skills to the delight of everyone watching it in appreciation.

This same game is played on the backdrop of a real determination and a real cause of transcending into achieving success as it was as in the case of the match that was played yesterday between real Madrid a Spanish giant and the Spanish champions yet another former and a potential English champions in waiting if only situations and expectations should go their way.

The game started on a very high note as was indeed expected of it with the home team, kicking from left to right after the world's number one and most sort after referee Daniele Orsato was given the right to take charge of the high profile night of football given his experience on the pitch refereeing for over a decade and more.

The game indeed started by 7:45pm cat and without wasting much time, all the expectancies of such a game began to be seen with so much chances scoring created in a quest for who's right it was to draw the first blood.

It was indeed, the santiago bernabeu's visitors Manchester city that did draw the first blood haven come into the game with a first leg aggregate advantage of a 4-3 scoreline victory on the said night and with the game's bookmakers announcing of the visitors with an all out victory going by their relatively good form on home turf as much as their very first leg advantage and a series of unmatched clean sheets coming into the game yesterday night.

Man city was however, very brilliant on the said night especially in the first half of the game when they also created some good and lovely scoring chances of their own but could not take the advantage of all their chances created.

We were all locked out at a nil-nil (0-0) draw at half time in which the visitors still had their advantage duly reserved for them going by the game's fist leg result that seems to be in their favour.

The second half did prove to be a do or die encounter as the all expected halftime team talk from the two teams managers (Carlo Ancelotti for Madrid & pep Guardiola for man city), eventually proved to be the game's turning point as the home came out the more aggressive side who is looking even more to win it but was eventually shocked when the visitors(man city) then broke the deadlock with a shock lead in the 76th minute through one of their the trusted stars - Riyald Mahrez.

It all looked like it was done and dusted for the visitors after they had taken the lead with a little or no time remaining and as for the home side, it appeared to be a defeat coming through but as the situation would be, the game suddenly changed into what we would never ever had expected even in the next decades to come and that was the home side's determination and their fighting never say die spirit that indeed paved the way for their eventual success on the night.

Yes, I said it in the introductory part of this article that I would narrow our discussion down to what that constitutes determination and its transcends to success and that could be seen from how the home side team fought really hard and their way back into the game with both the equalising goal and the wining goal that ensured the game was taken to extra time were scored in two or less than two minutes which proved very vital in turning the tie around with the home team, coming out victorious at the game's end which indeed spread a wider range of jubilation by the home fans who had tirelessly stood their grounds and supported their team in ensuring the tie was turned around and then guaranteeing them the ticket to the champions league grand finale come may 28 against get another premier league opponents after they had previously achieved the same courageous feat when they knocked out both Paris saint German (PSG), a French giants and ligue1 champions, Chelsea, the current defending champions and holders and now man city, a potential premier league champions in the waiting after they were made to survive too many heart breaking moments of defeats that could surely have guaranteed their elimination from the competition but for their undivided team resolve, determination and the strong desire to win despite their series of a disappointing defeats, their slim chances soon became a handful of applaudable successes.

What therefore, are the lessons to be learnt from yesterday's champions league night of football between two of Europe's finest if not that of courage, determination and that of a great and strong resolve to succeed?

However, if you are here and you are really feeling very bad from your disappointments of the past, I would rather advise that now is the right time you take courage and learn from the fighting spirit of the Real Madrid players that guaranteed their success and then be assured that your determination irrespective of your disappointments, will surely spur you up to an undeterred series of real achievable success.

Cry no more and be strong ok!

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Written by   49
8 months ago
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Sportsmen know too well and they give it their all - determination, persistence, believing in themselves etc.

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8 months ago