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Educational Avatar Reality Training Habitat (E.A.R.T.H)

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4 months ago


Earth is a holographically simulated Gameboard, a multiplayer game with avatars controlled by operators from dimensions higher than the 3rd, an immersive game designed by Spirits to experience different dimensions of existence in different Game Universes. Eternity is boring without some games. So we designed these games and immerse ourselves as observers and players.

Religions, Politics, Wars, Natural Disasters, etc are attributes of the game. There are Real Players on this Gameboard and there are also others who are computer-generated characters, the non-player characters generated by the matrix. Their mission ends here, and for them, these words make no sense to them, they will fight it. It is in their nature. Whoever is not awakened, is part of the matrix and will go with it. Do not argue with them.

Take away Religions, Politics and Educational programming and what is left is our experiences which forms our characters.

There is a New World Order, which in essence means the Rule of the Game has been changed. The Rules are getting tougher which makes Life harder for many. This will become more apparent as the 5G network is launched with a kill switch for population reduction and monitoring of all beings in the game.

As you go about your day, remember these basic facts. That your body is made from Nature and was designed to be nourished by nature, not food loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Your food is your fuel and your drugs, cos your body is just a vehicle and temporal housing for your spirit on Mission Earth. Fucck with your body and it breaks down and your game ends.

When you wake up tomorrow, there is no guarantee that the Spirit that drove your body today, will be the one that drives it tomorrow. You will not get to know, many people do not notice when a different operator takes over, because you are driven by the ego which operates based on experiences stored on cellular memory.

You are already perfect, you are already complete. Even if you sleep daily and wake up lazy and enjoy till the end of your days, you are complete. There is no need for endless pursuit, cos you are a miracle, your body is grand engineering, a self-replicating machine. It was not an easy fit to pull off. There are other entities who are very jealous of not having this body, of not enjoying the emotion you are taking for granted. And they are ready to take over your body just to enjoy the emotions and the experiences you take for granted.

Ignore all Religions, all of them. They were designed to take your eyes away from the treasures while you place your hope in the skies. Your heaven and hell are your State of mind and the paradise you create for yourself, right here, right now. But if you activate the capabilities to travel to the stars using your own inner vehicles which has remained unlocked because the knowledge of its operabilities has been hidden from the public view, then you can among the stars like every other night while hibernating your physical vehicle.

Man, know thyself!

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Written by   4
4 months ago
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