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They Are Trying to Steal Your Self-Ownership

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2 months ago

Good morning.

A good friend pointed out something out to me recently in a very clear, concise, and powerful way. And a few other things I’ve come across/heard this week, when woven together with his observation, paint a pretty sobering picture:

They say (the WEF) “You’ll own nothing, and be happy.”

The final thing they can try to steal from you, is your very body itself. If you cannot even decide what is injected into it, or not, you have lost the last and final thing that was yours: yourself. 

Metaverse and digital property are the next move (see Facebook’s recent “pivot,” and metaverses in crypto). The parasite class are hoarding hard assets in the real world, and you are increasingly allowed only “digital property” in virtual realms. Finally, your body itself, is what they will rob from you if you don’t fight.

This is why none of the vax propaganda makes sense. It’s not about — and never was about — eradicating some disease.

It’s 100% about stealing your self-ownership. And with that, basically any and all hope you have left of freedom and human dignity.

(I am not against metaverses or “digital property” on blockchains, by the way. Like a hammer, these are just neutral tools.)

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I see the subject of the metaverse as trying to take people from the real world and imprison them in the digital world, and it will do as much harm as it does. It is difficult to predict these in advance, this is a process and we will wait and see.

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1 month ago