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There’s no such thing as goodbye

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3 months ago

Laying on the Yasuragitei

Soakin’ up September sunshine

In the city that’s my home

Mega city all alone

You know shit’s fucked

When even the guy with the Slayer shirt’s a


Circle back, give it another try

Circle back give it another try hi-

Higher on the spiral

Lower on the floor

Gathering your power

Busting down the doors

Entropy — coming for us all

It’s entertainment

Watch the get-high cult try and

avoid that fall

Lion and lamb

Put together in a pen

Absent some dumb miracle

It’s just a question of when


Everything’s tied together across time

Reality a set of spheres

Pulsating within and without one another until absolutely everything is in connection

An immaculate simulation

From an ethereal radio station

A broken antenna looks in mirrors

It must be fake, the pain’s so real

Sunny day, beer by the river

Suffocaters stretch their eyes to see

The gods that breathe even in the city

As if their mouths are dignified

Ginko trees will be yellow soon

My stupid little dreams in this broken world

Wide open visions in a tiny swirl

Pathetic innocence for a hope unfurled

There’s no one home, no place to stay

All the alleys I’ve searched down for her,

or the perfect restaurant to lounge where my body dissipates and spirit’s found, but

No one’s ever home but me

And God’s always outta my league

Wander on both night and day

Look at her non-picture along the way

Look at his face, it’s mine, all day

And yet it’s not me, something still beyond,

Wouldn’t want it any other way?

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