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"Song of the Statist"

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1 month ago

“Song of the Statist”


Good Christian men grabbin’ life by the pussy

Child gropin’ Joe gonna save us from the plague

Nothin’ makes sense but ya don’t dare push me

I’m a gov-fearin’ statist, no time to explain

Drone bombin’ kids is a damn fine hobby

It don’t really happen like them Arabs say

Barry and Donny and Joey on the joystick

Splatterin’ brains, it’s just a video game

Hail the Libertarian Party,

You know that we’re exempt

Even though all them goofball clowns we’re running

Can’t even pay their own damn rent

No need for logic and no need for reason

That shit’s boring just gimme TV

scandal propaganda gets my ape brain hummin’

Keep your anarchy chaos away from me!

I’m a good Christian man grabbin’ women by the pussy!

I’m a child-gropin’ war hawk aiming for the prize!

I’m an LP greaseball with no understanding!

But I’ll still call you out every goddamn time!

When I see your ass, asking me questions

on them Facebooks, online!

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