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Re: the current lunacy: There are ultimately only two paths — violence and non-violence

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1 year ago

There are two paths: live and let live (private property), or brute force violence (statism/politics).

Those who think penetration should be forced on others are part of the latter group.

The simple solution to this is to abolish government and all “public property.” That way there are no arguments about how it should be used. All property should be private.

You have your masky-jabby businesses and services, I have my open-breathe-y ones.

Why half of you wish to force penetration and poverty on others instead of choosing to do the work to live and let live is very telling.

You are lazy and violent.

I do not know why.



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That is quite radical an approach. And may not go well for anyone. I understand your termed live and let live philosophy but uprooting a government to give way to the live and let live may be big trouble for everyone.

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6 months ago

Your continuing inspiration is contagious.
The era of replacing the flags and institutions of violence arrives...

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1 year ago