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Question for those who have been said to have "COVID," and some thoughts

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4 months ago

I have a question for those who have been told they have “covid.” I know a few people now that I know are not full of shit, that have described how they felt to me when they were sick. While I 100% know that the pandemic narrative is propaganda for the “Great Reset” (that’s World Economic Forum verbiage, not mine, by the way) I am still curious about what — if anything — this supposed virus actually is.

My question is: “Is it strikingly different from other illnesses?”

We’ve seen among other things the inexplicable disappearance of the common flu, and a cessation of testing for it, even. Scientifically, this makes no sense. Loss of smell and taste also occur with various coronavirus family illnesses, so the mere presence of that symptom is not enough for me to be convinced this pathogenic illness is truly novel.

That said, there are numerous potential explanations. I’m open to them. It could be that something was leaked from a Wuhan lab, to render things “just convincing enough” to push the tracking/vax campaign. It could be merely convincing folks that flu is now something else, via confirmation bias. It could be an engineered, mostly mild virus that yet takes out old people and the immunocompromised, eugenics style. It could be many things.

It is certainly being leveraged and propagandized to empower the pharmaceutical industry.

An individual I highly trust however, has said while they are not sure, it “feels different,” and the sickness has lasted a significant amount of time, and just lingered. This lines up with other reports of “covid” I’ve heard, and doesn’t seem to match a normal flu, really.

Well, there are so many potential explanations.

Luckily, no matter what the explanation, the issue of consent remains unchanged and self-ownership remains non-negotiable. That’s the real battle here, anyway.


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Perhaps you know this - is this correct or "hype" ?
This is somewhat important if it means travel opens there...

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3 months ago

What if I said that viruses as infectious agents simply do not exist? That the concept of viruses is just another BIG LIE, concocted by the so called world government as a tool to keep the herd under their control? Would you be open to this idea, or would you reject it right away on the grounds that , well, everybody knows that viruses exist, and everybody got sick some times because of it? Do you now that virus means poison in Latin? So could it be that all these people, who got sick, perhaps unusually, were somehow POISONED? For example, by the so called disinfection?

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3 months ago

I still get tested for flu. I still get vaccinated for flu. Ever since I got the H1N1 virus (swine flu) and developed a severe case of pneumonia I've gotten the flu vaccine. Also, I work with older people so get vaccinated to protect them just as much as to protect me.

I have received the Moderna vaccine. Both shots. I understand even vaccinated I could pick up the Delta Varient especially since I live in Texas where it is running rampant.

Also the Mu mutation seems to do an end run around the vaccines.

Covid-19 is caused by a virus and viruses mutate. There may never be a cure as there isn't a cure for flu viruses, or fur the other deadly virus, HIV.

The people most severely affected by COVID-19 and it's complications won't be able to answer your question. Because they are dead.

The speed at which this virus creates complications send to be a major difference to any of the flu viruses.

And it's contagion factor.

Virus are born. Just add we can't pinpoint patient zero for the flu that ravaged the world after WW1, and we can't pumping patient zero for HIV, we may never discover exactly when and where this virus came into being.

I do not believe it came from a lab in WuHan.

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4 months ago

Well, Fort Riley Kansas is thought to be where Spanish Flu came from, after an experimental bacterial vaccine there, on the military. Was called "Spanish" simply because the only press organs free enough to report on the subject were in Spain, supposedly. In the midst of the outbreak, which seems to me to have been bacterial and not viral, they tried another vax which failed. The way people were dying then — within hours — seems more like a bacterial thing to me. I think there was actually a report written in part by Anthony Fauci acknowledging that most died from bacterial pneumonia, in the end.

What I mean about flu disappearing is that many countries/regions have stopped testing for it, and the United States CDC, along others I believe, stopping tracking flu cases actively. They also stopped actively tracking new cases of covid in the vaccinated in hospitals. Places in Canada are reporting that flu has literally disappeared. This simply does not make sense scientifically.

"The people most severely affected by COVID-19 and it's complications won't be able to answer your question. Because they are dead."

I've gotten many illuminating and helpful answers to this question so far, from friends, family and acquaintances. Some who have been told they have covid19 and feel awful yet still question, others who just think it is basically what media says it is.

Of course it is everybody's right to choose to receive a jab or not. I would like to hear from those that have died from the needle, but whom the media and governments of the world are shaming and ignoring. With 13,000+ reports of deaths related to the vax in the U.S., even though we know correlation does not by default equal causation, the scientific thing to do would be to investigate these immediately and rigorously. It does not seem to be being done at all.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs. I hope everyone will stay healthy, get sun and exercise, choose what they like freely, and not ever have to deal with any severe respiratory illness.

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4 months ago

From the CDC website flu tracker.

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4 months ago

As far as the "Spanish" flu is concerned, as with H1N1 (swine flu), the virus is what initially infects the body. And secondary bacterial infections, such as pneumonia, develop.

Kind of like with my allergies. It's the grass and trees that cause the inflammation and cause my sinus tissues to swell, but once swollen they trap bacteria and I ultimately get a bacterial sinus infection.

This condition is not even a little bit contagious. "What I mean about flu disappearing is that many countries/regions have stopped testing for it, and the United States CDC, along others I believe, stopping tracking flu cases actively. They also stopped actively tracking new cases of covid in the vaccinated in hospitals"

I would need you to cite your sources. I know WHO is tracking Mu variant and CDC is tracking Delta Variant. I have not heard the CDC had stopped tracking flu variants. I have not heard the flu has disappeared from anywhere.

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4 months ago

About the Spanish Flu, first, yes. I understand what you are saying about virus leading to bacterial infections. However, it is a documented and non-controversial fact that bacterial injections were being tried at Fort Riley. Also, that is where the infection is suspected to have come from. As per the CDC:

"Although there is not universal consensus regarding where the virus originated, it spread worldwide during 1918-1919. In the United States, it was first identified in military personnel in spring 1918."

Regarding flu:

"Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this system will suspend data collection for the 2020-21 influenza season. Data from previous seasons are available on FluView Interactive."

"Beginning May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring all reported COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections to investigating only those among patients who are hospitalized or die."

To me this is highly problematic. Not to mention the primary issue of individuals dying of clear alternate causes being lumped in with "covid deaths" which has been going on since the beginning of this whole thing (

Also, lumping together flu, pneumonia, and covid into one death metric does not seem wise to me:

"Because pneumonia is also a frequent cause of death among people with COVID-19, COVID-19 coded deaths were added to P&I to create the PIC (pneumonia, influenza and/or COVID-19) mortality classification."


"Statistics for the past six years show that by this time of year there would normally be an average of 14,811 influenza detections reported in Canada. So far this season there have been just 51 influenza cases reported."

And zero reported at this time in Nova Scotia. Similar stats from all over the world.

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4 months ago

Very interesting.

Also one of the reasons I chose to live in the middle of nowhere!

Data reporting and recording is a double edged sword imo. There are always the numbers that go unreported.

Still. . .

I find your presentation of the information very interesting.

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4 months ago

I won't be taking a vaccine which is an mRNA jab and proven not to be a vaccine. Moreover, the so called virus hasn't been isolated. Those who have taken the jab must question themselves: how many booster jabs will it take before they receive the protentional mark of the beast?

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4 months ago

I'm hoping to get an antibody test done in the near future because I'm certain I've had it. There was a patch where I just didn't FEEL myself and I had a couple of chills. I figured it's the same as every winter. As always, 100% agree with your right to choice. Consent.

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4 months ago