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"Principle" Is Too Extreme — Sometimes People Must Be Violated!

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9 months ago

I came across an excellent television commercial today which totally turned me around regarding my perspective on politics. While before I assumed foolishly that if standing up for individual rights is my goal, I must be consistent, logical, and not sway from the central axiom of self-ownership, I now understand that sometimes other individuals (NOT ME!) must be violated in order to achieve less violence in governance and arrive at a GREATER GOOD!

Here's the commercial:

You see, these crazy "voluntaryists" think that principle is a foundation, and not some pie-in-the-sky ideal. We know the truth. Principle is utopian. True pragmatic action to bring about real, lasting change involves going with the flow, being sensible, and watering things down a bit so that we don't turn away potential political converts. Fear is our friend! THEN, when the government finally gives us permission to disobey and live free, we can have our LEGAL REVOLUTION!

I am super happy you decided to read this article today, and if you've made it this far I sure as hell hope you realize the entire thing is a sarcastic mockery of bankrupt ideas plaguing liberty circles today like a disease.


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I agree. That's why democratic government is good.

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9 months ago