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Please Speak Up for Freedom. The Time Is Now.

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2 months ago
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This morning I'm thinking about all the unnecessary stress, fear, and resultant disease that's in the world. Just think of your body right now, and the pressure that would be relieved from your heart and whole physiology if you didn't constantly feel the wolves of "government" were at the door. Thanks to myths of "authority."

You are the highest authority in your life.

This planet is so beautiful. There's really little to fear. We could die at any time from natural calamity or accidents, but to lose one's life at the hand of an unnecessary evil like the state, as in happening Australia right now, as happens with the so-called "tax-evaders," as happens in war created by central all so obviously unnecessary.

This is such a beautiful planet, and most people are good.

But those formerly good people that stay silent, afraid to lose some perceived comfort and security, ultimately become sympathizers with the evil. As bad, practically speaking, as the evil itself. Maybe worse.

Those not speaking up about the garbage happening now...what the hell are you doing? This is not going away.

The censorship will increase, the heart attacks from a medical experiment, the jailings, the camps, the non-consensual penetration of innocent people's bodies.

Make up your mind. Build a network. It's going to get even rougher. And to those who made fun of folks like me saying this whole thing is a massive power grab from the start...

Fuck you, God bless, and good luck.

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Spot on

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2 months ago