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Miscellaneous Thoughts, Observations, Music 2

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5 months ago

People look at the impossible internet… At mind-blowingly complex international business relationships… At insanely efficient spaghetti clusterfucks like the Tokyo metro, and think: Yep, normal stuff.

But decentralized governance by self-ownership? “Impossible.”


Me: Interaction between people should be voluntary.

Them: Yeah, but that’s utopian, there will always be violent people. So we need systems for defense.

Me: Agreed! But based on self-ownership. Not systematized, willy-nilly violation of the non-violent.

Them: Pshh. Utopian.


Just dreamed my childhood friends came to visit me (no real sense of community anymore). I also was trying to drive a car from the back seat (no sense of control in life), the doors were opening and closing (no security), and I absentmindedly had opened a beer (legal criminal).


Looking back, I think this is a good one. Seems especially fitting, now. Though I had issues with other songs on the album, this one hit I think — recorded with two of the most talented guys I’ve played with. No worldly recognition. But I’m proud of this.


All these influential people, supposedly so smart, saying they want to change the status quo, and basically none of them talking about voluntaryism as a solution. Simple, basic consent. An oversight? My conclusion is they’re either not that smart, or they’re playing a game.


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I think they are playing a game. People don't like the concept of freedom when they are "in charge". They only wish to maintain their control to further their own desires.

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5 months ago