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If You're Searching for the Deeper Meaning Behind the "COVID" Madness, Here is a General Summary

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4 months ago
Topics: War, Economy, Truth

Evil is real, and the boogey-virus, the jab, and the systematic shut down of economies globally is all part of the plan. It’s not even anything new.

I want to shut up. I really do. So instead of multiplying too many more words tonight, to those with ears to hear:

What is happening right now is there are some bad people in the world. To the point where you might wonder if you can even call them “people” anymore. I’d say no.

These people are working together sometimes, and fighting amongst themselves sometimes, but the overarching goal is simple: to control you and keep you in a parasitic relationship with them, where you are the life source, and they are the giant human leech. You are the livestock. You are the cash cow, and you are the labor.

These people are generally found in governments, central banking institutions, and the entertainment industry (which includes “the news”).

These people have been openly at this for a long, long time now, and it is all verifiable if you want to prove it to yourself.

The modern medical industry was literally built by Rockefeller business interests, not by doctors.

The U.S. government has plotted to create fake foreign attacks on itself to start wars, and has done so. Even killing thousands of people to do this.

Nazis were imported after WWII, and the Nazi-style Eugenics testing and grotesque experimentation were pioneered in the U.K. and U.S. Hitler wrote about admiring America because of this, before his rise to power.

Look up the video of Bill Clinton’s “apology” for MK-Ultra, and all the evil things done to people in the name of “medicine.”

It still goes on today.

The so-called vaccine is part of it.

As are the lockdowns.

Central bank digital currencies will be issued soon after economies begin to fail. That’s part of the plan.

With these CBDCs comes complete surveillance and social credit scores. Programmable money. No vax? Extra tax. Nasty anti-state post on social media? Direct fine. Etc.

These people are freaks.

The reason you think it’s all so unbelievable or impossible is because you read your goodness into others and do not believe such evil could exist.

Even though it’s right there in your face.

Human life is a joke to these people. I cannot pretend to know why. They openly state their desire to divest all humans — except themselves — of property, to cull the population, and to achieve complete control in the name of “safety.”

“You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy”

-World Economic Forum

I challenge you to look up images of the death and horror they create with bombs, famine, sanctions, “medical” experimentation on the vulnerable, and ask yourself: could I do this to another human and live with myself?

They not only live, they laugh and dine and drink and party.

TL;DR - There actually is evil out there and the government is its main seat of power. No matter how much you obey, the state still wants you to be under complete, lifeless control, while you produce for them.

And with the fourth industrial revolution now here, they don’t need as many producers, and will be culling “useless eaters,” as they have been speaking of for over a century.

“The government” is another lie.

It’s just human individuals like you and me, but they’ve sold themselves out to one degree or another to a spiritual evil, and to one degree or another HATE people that haven’t, that still have love in their hearts.

If you have love, you don’t want to rule others. End of story.

This is how I see it, and what I am convicted of based on my guts, mind, heart, and unending searching so far.


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Written by   129
4 months ago
Topics: War, Economy, Truth
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That's why we should continue to pray for the good of mankind and not be silent when we see evil things being done. Evil will definitely triumph if good people stay silent and do nothing.

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4 months ago

I have long held there are "other factors" at play, as you have mentioned here...because let's face it. It's not even a deadly disease. The disease really is the sheer panic the people of the world have been put into.

And yes, all in the interest of CONTROL. And unfortunately they are winning and people are becoming nothing more than sheep being lead to the slaughter.

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4 months ago

Yep. There are little pockets of people banding together and starting to form networks here and there though, which I think is a good thing. It's about time.

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4 months ago