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How to Have a Pirate Summer in the Time of Covid

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1 year ago

Lockdowns, travel restrictions, limited business hours. Amazon and other state-embedded mega-corporations are doing fine, making a killing. But what about the proverbial 'little guy' in this psyop scenario? The small business. The struggling family. Perhaps we can survive, enjoy the wonder of living, and maybe even flourish here and there in such crazy times.What follows are some practical ideas for having your own PIRATE SUMMER, leveraging permissionless living and permissionless cash.

What Is a 'Pirate Summer'?

Pirate summer is living your life how you please in non-violence regardless of what others try to force you to do or not do. When you can't find an important document because the state has censored it or locked it behind paywalls, often you can pirate it online. When you can't enjoy your own life because the state is clamping down with a mass viral fear, mass surveillance, demoralization campaign designed to break the human spirit, you can permissionlessly download your own summer.

Here are 5 ways to do that:

  1. NETWORK – The more like-minded people you meet, the better. Networking with high-quality, hardworking, trustworthy people is probably one of the most overlooked, underrated, and misunderstood ways you can position yourself for success. A solid network provides unique business opportunities, emotional and logistical support, and a sense of security and belonging that can do wonders for one's morale, courage, and general mental state.

  2. TRADE, BARTER, and USE PERMISSIONLESS CASH – Get paid under the table. Pay people under the table. Trade crypto and other goods/assets with local individuals at meetups, parties, or events. Trade labor. Keep your small business open. Plan events when everyone else is wimping out, scared by the TV. You won't know how much support you really have until you take your light out from under the basket, and put it up on the hill. You'll respect yourself and grow in confidence too, for doing what's right for you, and not living in fear of the gaslight crowd.

  3. WATCH FOR UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES – Opportunity is everywhere, and it's all about position, attitude, and relentless watching in curiosity. Not just a positive attitude, either, but also the one that says: this situation fucking sucks and I am gonna use my brain, grit, drive and determination to get the fuck out. The internet and crypto especially provide new ways for someone with a hustle to scrape up some value and grow it into something bigger. Further, looking for ways one can become useful to friends and connections, and being true to yourself in expression over an extended duration of time often results in those friends and connections recognizing your specialties, and asking you to provide your unique services either right away or down the road.

  4. RECONNECT WITH NATURE – Get out to the beach. Go camping. Learn to fish. Learn how to make an improvised shelter. A good fire. Which plants are poisonous and which are edible. Work on that garden. It doesn't matter if it sucks. Something is always better than nothing, some experience always better than none, and the way things are progressing, understanding and living in harmony with nature and all her resources could become the difference between thriving and starving. A critical part of this reconnection with nature is also taking care of your physical body and inner mind. Running, meditating, cold showers, dance, playing the piano – whatever it takes to face oneself in self-acceptance, allowing body and mind to work as one. Without this peaceful synergy, all the philosophy in the world is practically useless.

  5. HAVE FUN – I detailed why this is critical to crypto in a recent post, but on a more global level, without a sense of fun and adventure, there simply is little to be enthused about in life. Bitcoin cash inspires me to make money my way. Putting on DIY races while events are canceled in Japan allows me to take control of my destiny without asking permission. To run races my way. Living creatively, in other words, is a reward in and of itself, and a critical element to enjoying your own Pirate Summer.

    Good luck, rebel scallywags!

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Written by   147
1 year ago
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I keep having this recurring idea that:
many of us will outlive this current insanity.
The vaccines will eventually kill incredible numbers of people
(when the auto-immune oscillations begin)
whom States are dependent upon: followers and slaves.

The people flocking to get jabbed are 100% authoritarian followers.
(Gates & Co. are probably getting saline injections, not the real stuff)

When the die-offs begin the lockdowns/idiocy will accelerate.
Remnant populations will eventually begin to realize the problem
was never Covid - it was, as usual, government. We need to be in a position to be listened to when that moment arrives.

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1 year ago