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How to End All War Immediately

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7 months ago

It is not the politicians whose side you are taking, or whose side you oppose, who will suffer as a result of the most recent military conflict. It is loving, caring, basically decent and good people like you and those around you.

While masses of individuals from all over the globe labor under wildly mistaken presumptions about the collectives to which they claim to belong, or those which they oppose, the puppet masters known as politicians, bankers, and supranational "think-tanks," forums, and government bodies, decide the fates of the masses who could easily overthrow these sociopaths, if they were united.

Putin is a monster! NATO is moving too close to Russia's borders! Either position is ludicrous and evil when viewed from the perspective of the world's smallest minority: the individual.

Only the individual will suffer from these psychopathic skirmishes between superpowers who think that they have the right to dictate the the lives of hundreds of millions of other human beings apropos of absolutely nothing more than empty decree and supposedly magic scribbles on paper without our consent.

Here is a news flash: They are tiny humans like you and I. So why do you revere and worship them? Why do you try to justify taking the lives of strangers across an imaginary line who have personally done you no harm and wish you no ill? Why do so many attempt to justify war's "collateral damage" which really just means loss of innocent life? That baby's skull blown wide open is your "collateral damage."

If this, to you, is "necessary for peace," you are a moron.

You justify these things because you are brainwashed and dim and afraid.

So how do you end all war immediately? The answer is very simple: don't go.

You know a Russian attack on Ukraine would have been impossible if soldiers simply said “No, I will not kill those people I do not know who have not personally harmed me. Do it yourself, politician man.” War is impossible without our participation. Let the politicians kill each other if someone must die.


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Written by   147
7 months ago
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